Libra Daily Money Horoscope

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It has been a week since an alignment between Mars and Uranus in your financial sector began and while they are no longer aligned, they are still working as a team. This is why, while the Sun put pressure on Uranus over recent days and not Mars, this is still likely to have added fuel to your financial passions and fighting spirit.

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More about your Libra daily money horoscope and finances

A simplistic approach to Libra finances is that having money is important, for that’s how you pay for things. This may be but that’s what you tell yourself. On your list of what’s important, social activities, romance, and fun come ahead of money.

In fact, you may be a fan of movies from the 1930’s, because people had glam lives and never discussed money. There was a depression then, so audiences didn’t want to think about money, something moviemakers exploited. It was fantasy.

When considering a daily money horoscope and finances, it’s important for you to distinguish between reality and fantasy. If you are naturally wealthy, or you inherited a bundle, life is sweet.

You can focus on what’s important to you without worrying about money. But if you’re like most people, you must work to earn a living. This uses up a big chunk of your time, something you find annoying.

Libra daily money horoscope denote social activities related to finances

You don’t mind at all being the spouse who keeps things going at home and who manages the social calendar. If you have a partner who can make a living, that to you is the ideal life.

Libra daily money horoscope and finances depend on having money without working is even nicer. Despite your genteel disposition and social charm, you can be a dynamo at work.

If there’s a social dimension to your job, then you enjoy it. That is the answer to positive cash flow and a happy Lib daily money horoscope and finances.

Whatever your level of wealth, it’s important to manage your money

You like to splurge on luxury events and beautiful clothes. Looking your best is essential. That can be a problem with Libra finances if you have limited resources. So, what do you do?

You might take a clue from those old movies and find a benefactor. A wealthy friend who will foot all the bills just for the pleasure of your company is your ideal. You don’t mind at all inhabiting a guesthouse on a friend’s estate. You’re happy to be the on-call dinner guest who provides sparkle on cue. Those are your talents. Why not use them to balance out your Libra finances?