Libra Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 15th August

Just starting the week with a friendly aspect between Mars and Pluto, the planets of war and revolution is going to be an advantage, but the timing could make this a game changer. Since his return to your financial sector last month, Mars has been drawing closer to a friendly aspect to Pluto, the planet of change and revolution. This has been slowly adding fuel to Mars' financial passions and fighting spirit, giving you the confidence to take your financial power back. This will not only peak on Monday but just as Mars is preparing to leave on Saturday, not to return for another two years. Also helping to make Mars' final days here count is the Moon's return from Wednesday to Friday, sharpening your financial instincts and giving you a better read on what you can at least start fighting for, with the North Node and Uranus staying on to keep the momentum going. Mars' final days are all about what you can start rather than what you need to finish now.

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More about your Libra weekly money horoscope and finances

A Libra on a budget? It’s like the plot from some horror movie, isn’t it? You need money to maintain your elegant lifestyle, for those lovely venues you frequent don’t come cheap, and you require an elegant wardrobe to make a good impression.

In the old days, you would have stuck to a venerated method of fiscal ease—you would have inherited some wealth. Not everyone has access to a fancy estate with matching bank account, so you probably must give your finances the respect they’re due. Your Libra weekly money horoscope helps you determine if cash is flowing in—or out.

Consult your Libra weekly money horoscope for fiscal tips

You sometimes pay with a credit card. There are fantastic deals now to provide cash back and long periods with no interest. This is a fine plan if you’re good with money. But it’s easy to become embroiled in debt, and that frustrates you. Once again, you must seek balance, and you must find the best way to manage your money.

If your horoscope predicts a down period, avoid the plastic, and cut your spending. There are alternatives to splurging, if you’re creative. Pack a picnic instead of dining at a pricey restaurant. Check out thrift stores in the nicer parts of town—you never know what quality items you can find for a fraction of what you usually spend.

Respect your cash flow when your Libra weekly money horoscope indicates.

During a particularly strong money week, be willing to work a bit harder, and use this energy to your advantage. Grow your business if you have one, or enhance your career. You need not spend extra cash. Save it.

You do understand the principle of delayed gratification, but it’s not a fun idea. You prefer to live in the moment, thus you grab every particle of pleasure that comes your way. The one saving grace is that if you’re busy earning an income, you have less time to frolic and squander your assets.