Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

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Your emotional world or a special relationship offers a fantastic learning curve of some kind now. But these are lessons in love that you'll likely embrace and appreciate. The deeper you go with sharing your sexy, satisfying secrets, the more somebody could be willing to share theirs. See how this creates passionate synchronicity on both sides.

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Scorpio is known as the sexy sign, and there’s a reason for that. It’s true! Scorpio lovers are filled with a burning desire to possess you – your heart, your soul, and every inch of your body. They’re determined to seduce you to descend into a fire of self-discovery and soul baring intimacy.

On the first date, your Scorpio lover may not say a word about such things. Conversation could be casual, almost meaningless. But there’s something that happens subliminally between you – if you’re right for each other – and deep in your soul you know that something is about to ensue. It’s like sensing tiny, almost imperceptible tremors from an impending earthquake, and if you feel it, trust those instincts, for it’s real.

Your Scorpio daily love horoscope is often all about sex

Usually after a collection of early flings and enjoyable debauchery with many different partners, they come to a clear understanding. Scorpio wants true love, with one person, a soulmate who will become their everything. They still want sex, but they want it with you (hopefully) and only you.

Scorpio devotion is legendary

Once Scorpio lovers make that commitment, they will defend you to the death, and will do anything to assure your security and happiness. If someone is your adversary, that person is cut off. Scorpio takes loyalty extremely seriously, and so should you if this is the person who has captured your heart.

Intimacy is a wonderful thing

Despite a tendency toward secrecy that Scorpio lovers can’t suppress, once committed, you can absorb every little detail. Consequently, you can reveal – and have met – desires you’ve never dared to whisper aloud before.

Nothing is too outrageous or shameful for Scorpio lovers to accept about a beloved.

Together you can create a life that is secure and devoted. You and your Scorpio lover can build a happy home and cherished family. It all appears so ordinary and normal.

Nobody has to know what goes on behind closed doors so many nights of the week, and they also don’t have to know why you waken daily with a smile.