Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 27th March

This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Pluto, you probably won't struggle to identify a reason to worry or feel a sense of panic. A fear may be at risk of being nurtured. But even if you think such feelings are justified or genuine, circumstances are likely to encourage you to accept that a matter must be faced and dealt with confidently. It requires confident action, not fed with fear. Be willing to bring an issue out into the light where it can be seen clearly. Then, put in place a strategy to address and resolve it. If you can do both this week, then not only will a worry, concern, or fear be seen in the right perspective, but you'll also resolve it in a way that will ensure it won't pose a similar problem in the future.

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More about your Scorpio weekly horoscope and personality

Usually you make your own fun. There are things you enjoy, and you concentrate on them completely, when you have the time. You’re not out there searching for new entertainment, because there are many things that don’t interest you.

Life can be more fun if you’re occasionally flexible, something you may have heard from friends who try to convince you to try new activities. You’re not always that experimental. You know yourself very well, and you know what you like. You’d rather focus on the tried and true.

Your Scorpio weekly horoscope reminds you of activities you’re missing

When you read your horoscope, you get inspired. Maybe it’s been far too long since you participated in a certain activity you love. It’s time to get back in the swing, so you make plans with a mate or a friend to share it. Then you’re glad you did.

You don’t want to feel old or that your life has become mundane, so when you gain suggestions from your Scorpio weekly horoscope, you consider them seriously. Perhaps you should spend more time mingling and less hours in front of the television, no matter how comfortable your couch is.

You learn about interpersonal connections in your Scorpio weekly horoscope

People are important to you, but you’re selective. You don’t consort with just anyone. You give yourself and your time to only a very few companions, to them you’re completely loyal. If someone is enduring hard times, you want to step in and help. It’s useful to learn if a friend needs you.

Family members have their own issues and problems, and you’re happy to help, even if you disapprove of the choices they’ve made. By knowing someone is hurting, you show your tender side, and offer all the hugs needed to make life better.