Pisces Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 19th October

To have the Moon move through your career sector from Monday to Wednesday will always be an advantage, fuelling your professional instincts and imagination in the early days of the new working week when this can have maximum impact. As was the case for the Moon when it began last week in your work sector, before leaving the Moon will form a friendly aspect to Mars in your income sector. This time this could have a much bigger impact, especially in restoring your financial confidence. Last week not only began with the Moon in your work sector but at a friendly aspect to Mars on the income and the South Node on the career front, just as their alignment was ending. This created an exuberant sense of optimism that might have taken a hit when Mars clashed with the Sun later last week. This time, when the Moon and Mars come together you will have your feet on the ground, able to take a more realistic approach to the income and professional potential this will expose.

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You don’t really plan ahead, for you like to go with the flow. If you have something scheduled, you do note it on your calendar, but you prefer for a day to fill up with activities on the fly. That way you can tackle tasks at work based on necessity and your mood.

Of course, you know what you must accomplish in a given time period, particularly if you have a regular job, for every job has repetition. To you that is little fun, so you always try to approach each day creatively, to make it varied and more amusing. Your Pisces weekly career horoscope helps you get a sense of the mood of the week so you can do this.

Adjust your calendar based on your Pisces weekly career horoscope

If it’s to be a killer week with demands on your time and energy every minute, you seek ways to neutralize this energy. Perhaps there are tasks that can be moved back a bit. Or maybe you can gain some help from congenial colleagues. You can certainly avoid too many social entanglements during a busy week at work. You need your rest.

If you’re in a light period, you want to make the most of it. That usually means long lunches with friends, leaving work early, and having fun in the evenings. You might also consider getting ahead on projects not yet due, but that is not your first impulse.

Seek greater success with your Pisces weekly career horoscope

Look for particularly good periods to expand your opportunities. If you’re self-employed, this is the time when your business grows. You may be extra busy, but it’s worth it.

If there’s a downturn, don’t feel disheartened if a job search doesn’t pay off. Everything you do is good experience for whatever comes next. Keep at it. A lull gives you time to rework your resume, make additional contacts, and bug employed friends for job interviews. Even if you’re in a regular position but are seeking a promotion, have faith that when the time is right, advancement will be yours.