Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

November 2020

While it is business as usual on the professional front during the first three weeks of the month, this is still a good place to be. You have had the South Node in your career sector since May and as well as providing constant access to the rear view mirror, untapped professional potential and to everything already invested it has provided support for Mars in your income sector. Even if nothing changed, as conditions improve on the income front and support between Mars and the South Node begins to deepen, this would still be a good month on the income and career fronts.However, things were always going to change and that is because the Sun's return to your career sector on 22nd November is something that happens at this time each year. The Sun will always spend the last eight days of November and the first three weeks of December in your career sector, shining the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options. The difference this time is that for the first time in 17 years the Sun will return to find the South Node here and this is what will create a total solar eclipse next month, with the potential for major new beginnings.Eclipses are said to be wildcards, bringing unexpected developments or shifts that we don't see coming. However, the reality is that if we were paying attention we could see that the South Node has been guiding you towards this since it returned, with the solar spotlight making this even more obvious. The time to pay attention is when the Moon moves through your career sector from 16th November to 18th November. While the Moon will always fuel your professional instincts and imagination and align with the South Node as it moves through, as the last visit before next month's solar eclipse it will be working to leave you with the clues and insights needed to line up for what lies ahead.

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You need change and variety so much that you rarely stick with anything. That can mean many careers during your lifetime. You try a job for a while and then move on to something completely different.

Because you change careers, often you’re tying to get a profession off the ground. Your Pisces monthly career horoscope can help you determine the climate for expanding your opportunities. If the energy is positive, you can begin something new.

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You’re not always in touch with your professional destiny, although if you lack a career, sometimes you wish you had one. You crave freedom and don’t like feeling boxed in, so a job where you punch a clock feels more like a sentence than a career.

You try on new jobs the way you try on clothes, to see how they fit. Some aspects of every job you take appeal, but others do not. It’s difficult for you to maintain discipline and just keep at it. You dislike the sensation that daily life is smothering you, and you rarely sustain an uncomfortable situation.

Your Pisces monthly career horoscope charts your advancement

If you’re in a job that allows you to express your many talents, you feel content. You’re artistic, and if you can work for yourself selling something you make, you enjoy that, but you prefer the artsy side to the marketing side. Consider a practical partner.

Because you’re a sweet person and an excellent collaborator, sometimes you can unite with a practical person who’s happy to connect all the dots. Then you can be a creative free spirit who succeeds thanks to a symbiotic pairing. You enjoy the sense that you’re each contributing, and that success is a mutual undertaking.