Pisces Monthly Career Horoscope

September 2020

It is not unusual to move into September with no planetary activity in your work sector, however, it is unusual to begin the month with no planetary activity here for the reason you do this year. The Sun will always leave your work sector in the final 10 days of August and as Venus and Mercury travel with the Sun, if they aren't here at the start of September it is because they too have been and gone. When that is the case the planets would have just moved through so you will be still tying up loose ends and channelling the momentum created into something sustainable. However this year, the reason why there is no planetary activity on the job front at the start of the month is that Venus has yet to return.The last time that happened was in 2012 and for the same reason as it is this year, in that Venus has been held back by a retrograde phase and is running late. This is something that will not only have exciting implications on the job front but across the income, work and career fronts. Venus is the planet of money, desire and attraction and when she returns to your work sector each year she will work to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. While it is a given that Venus will return to find the dwarf planet Eris, warrior princess of the cosmos in your income sector, this year she returns to find Mars there as well.Mars returned for what should have been a six week visit in June but a retrograde turn on 10th September will not only keep the warrior planet of the cosmos here throughout Venus' time in your work sector but for the rest of the year. At the same time, as was the case for the Sun and Mercury before her, for the first time in 17 years Venus returns to find the South Node in your career sector. The South Node has already been responsible for a solar eclipse since its return in May and will be responsible for a total lunar eclipse later in the year. Until leaving your work sector early next month, Venus will work to make this a good month across the income, work and career fronts.

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You need change and variety so much that you rarely stick with anything. That can mean many careers during your lifetime. You try a job for a while and then move on to something completely different.

Because you change careers, often you’re tying to get a profession off the ground. Your Pisces monthly career horoscope can help you determine the climate for expanding your opportunities. If the energy is positive, you can begin something new.

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You’re not always in touch with your professional destiny, although if you lack a career, sometimes you wish you had one. You crave freedom and don’t like feeling boxed in, so a job where you punch a clock feels more like a sentence than a career.

You try on new jobs the way you try on clothes, to see how they fit. Some aspects of every job you take appeal, but others do not. It’s difficult for you to maintain discipline and just keep at it. You dislike the sensation that daily life is smothering you, and you rarely sustain an uncomfortable situation.

Your Pisces monthly career horoscope charts your advancement

If you’re in a job that allows you to express your many talents, you feel content. You’re artistic, and if you can work for yourself selling something you make, you enjoy that, but you prefer the artsy side to the marketing side. Consider a practical partner.

Because you’re a sweet person and an excellent collaborator, sometimes you can unite with a practical person who’s happy to connect all the dots. Then you can be a creative free spirit who succeeds thanks to a symbiotic pairing. You enjoy the sense that you’re each contributing, and that success is a mutual undertaking.