Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 23rd August

This week, a potentially powerful focus exists on relationships and commitments. Someone you're committed to romantically could be taken aback to discover how your passion levels have boosted noticeably. If it's any other kind of partnership, then you could have ideas to take your alliance to a new level and leave a partner in no doubt about how passionately you feel about these, too. Either way, by doing what you can to strengthen key connections, not only are you likely to discover your ideas or intentions are met with no resistance, but they could make at least one person feel even gladder to have you in their world.

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More about your Pisces weekly horoscope and personality

You like to have casual fun daily, but less appealing is the prospect of dressing up and attending major events every evening. The best periods feature a collection of this and that mixed in with impromptu socializing.

You’re always interested to see what your Pisces weekly horoscope predicts. You hope it’s to be a nice period without any stress or strain, for you want to spend time with friends and family members. That assumes you’re not too busy working, which of course is also a preference.

Manage your interactions with hints from your Pisces weekly horoscope

You are a kind and tactful person, so you rarely get into quarrels. You also seldom feel compelled to advance your own opinions by persuading someone else. Live and let live is your motto.

If you must confront an argumentative person, you do so with tact. You don’t push back, and your calm can be very difficult to endure for a cranky individual, for somehow people like that need confrontation. If you know power struggles are likely, you might opt to avoid bumping into someone you know like that. It makes life easier.

Offer invitations when your Pisces weekly horoscope indicates

You enjoy entertaining friends and family members, and if there’s time, you do it often. Something simple is totally fine, for you like the sense of affection and camaraderie in having beloved companions in your home. You need the warmth of emotional exchanges, so you love hearing what companions have to say about their day.

You also accept invitations, for you are always much in demand. Your likeable personality attracts many friends, and everyone wants to spend time with you. It’s fun to try new things that friends want to share, so often they become your new preference. You add to your life as you go along, filling it with fun, people, treasures, and good feelings.