Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

June 2022

While the Sun left your work sector on 21st May, you not only begin the month with Venus and Mercury here but with yet another wave beginning early next month. The only reason why Venus and Mercury are even here is due to their retrograde turns, one historic and the other current. While Venus turned retrograde late last year and has been in direct motion for over four months, it has put her behind schedule, making this a late return to your work sector. Normally Venus has been and gone by now but instead, will continue to fuel your job confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction until leaving on 23rd June. Mercury did leave at the end of April, but a retrograde turn last month saw him retrograde back in for a second visit just two days after the Sun left. Mercury is still in retrograde motion as we move into the new month, with your head in the game but more focused on where you have been rather than where you have going. This is a valuable chance to return to the drawing board but also to retrace your steps, arming you with a lot more insight by the time he turns direct on 3rd June. Mercury will leave on 14th June and Venus on 23rd June, giving you a chance to catch your breath before Mars returns early next month. Mars is not associated with the annual update that the Sun, Mercury and Venus give work and job matters each year but returning just 12 days after Venus leaves to begin the busiest two months of the year on the job front, he will benefit from their time here. This makes June a continuation of recent months but also a stepping stone to even bigger developments on the job front in July and August. The Moon will return to your work sector on 23rd June, the same day that Venus leaves and until leaving on 26th June will offer a chance to both check in and tie up loose ends before Mars returns to begin a new wave.

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You care most about freedom. There’s something wild inside of you that always wants to soar. You possess a fascinating inner landscape, and you enjoy the time to ponder your deepest thoughts without interruption. All of that taken together means that to succeed at a career, you must be invested in it, and it must matter to you.

You’re happiest when working at something you’d gladly do for free. So if you’re just starting out, your Sagittarius monthly career horoscope gives you insights into the directions to pursue. Choose a profession which requires movement, provides intellectual stimulation, and most importantly, change and variation.

Your Sagittarius monthly career horoscope reveals challenges and triumphs

Each time period is different, but your requirements rarely change. You want to enjoy life as you go along. Not only must your career engage your mind and spirit, but it should also allow you freedoms. You love to travel, and you need leisure time. If your horoscope predicts business opportunities you can combine with pleasure, great.

Those nose to grindstone periods are not your specialty. You feel tomorrow is always another day, and while that’s so, other people demand satisfied deadlines. If those others are your superiors, you must work particularly hard. During those times, immerse yourself in the task and take occasional breaks when you can.

Consult your Sagittarius monthly career horoscope when you desire change

You know almost immediately if you’re in the wrong job. You don’t anticipate a honeymoon period for adjustment, although you can force yourself to keep working even if you hate the job. Usually you refuse to do that. Life is too short.

Because you’re no slave to money, you’d prefer to leave an unsuitable job and to work at one you enjoy, even if you earn less. You don’t gnash your teeth and complain like some people do. You make changes. Once you feel you’re enjoying life and your job, and that you’re doing something worthwhile, you love your career and work to build it.