Cancer Monthly Career Horoscope

June 2022

This is the point in most professional years when, with the Sun been and gone things usually dial back it is up to the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos to keep the wheels turning. Even when the Sun left in the latter part of April there was nothing to suggest that this was anything but an ordinary professional year, other than the fact that Venus had yet to return. When the Sun and Mercury left in April, this left you with your head in the game, your eyes open and as is the case at this time every year, a chance to move into the year new professional year with as much insight and understanding as possible. Held back by a retrograde turn late last year, Venus was late to return to your career sector this year and didn't return until early last month and with perfect timing. Venus was still here when first Jupiter and then Mars returned, turning what until then had been an ordinary professional year into anything but. It was just 16 days after Jupiter returned to begin your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade that Mars returned to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit. While Venus left at the end of last month, Jupiter and Mars are not only still here but begin the month aligned. This is just Jupiter's first full month in your career sector and of a journey that won't run its course until May 2023 with Mars not returning again until 2024 but here all month, he will be working to make his time here with Jupiter count. Mars' first visit to your career sector in two years was always going to fire up your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit but as Jupiter expands what he touches, this will amplify the warrior planet's influence. This not only brings you to a game changing point in this professional year but of the decade. The Moon's return to your career sector from 21st June to 23rd June will give you a better read on this. Meanwhile, the Moon's visit to your work sector from 13th June to 15th June and the Full Moon this will create on 14th June could be a catalyst for job and career matters.

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More about your Cancer monthly career horoscope and prospects

Despite your cuddly manner, you’re fiercely assertive where your career is concerned. For you success isn’t mainly about status or even wealth but rather about security, which is your primary concern. A solid career means a safe life.

You need to feel that you are safe, and even more importantly, that your family is safe. You provide an unwavering foundation of security for your loved ones, and you always will. The information in your Cancer monthly career horoscope helps you make choices about how to advance your professional standing. Knowing what to expect helps you feel secure.

Make dynamic choices based on your Cancer monthly career horoscope

You work hard to develop and maintain an upwards career trajectory. You’re always on the go, seeking greater and greater success. With guidance from your horoscope, you plot your course more efficiently. When good energy arrives, you pounce.

Your intuition is strong, and you use that too. You need to feel that you’re on the right track so that you can make the strides you seek. Even if you work at a steady job, you like having side projects as well. You can run a side business from your home, and be happy with your family all around you.

Your Cancer monthly career horoscope can warn you about hard times

You know that sometimes life takes a downturn, and if you’re about to hit a difficult career period, you want to plan. There are things you can do to compensate for a slowdown, and you intend to take those steps.

You go the extra mile to make yourself indispensable at work. You don’t sit and wait for projects—you create your own. When superiors see that you’re a self-starter, they admire you. That leads to promotions and the security building success you seek.