Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 23rd August

This week, it could become clear that you want more than basic levels of communication between you and others - or possibly one person in particular. You're blessed with confidence and passion to make thoughts or feelings clear and encourage others to lay proverbial cards on the table. It's possible that you want to feel more wanted, accepted, and to help at least one other person feel both as well. However, although you probably won't struggle to get anyone's attention with how you convey thoughts, feelings, or ideas, you could do so with so much gusto that you come across as overpowering. If you can keep your passionate determination in check and ensure that your words are underpinned by plenty of sensitivity, then you could find that whatever you say is not only heard but truly understood.

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More about your Cancer weekly horoscope and personality

You make life beautiful by filling it with a multiplicity of things. You focus on success, love, happiness, good food, hugs, laughter, and personal joys. That’s what your life is all about. You create memories daily, filling an imaginary scrapbook with the treasures of your life.

Yes, you stay busy, for that is a balancing act you enjoy perpetuating. When your Cancer weekly horoscope indicates a busy period, you embrace the many opportunities for fun coming your way. You plan dinners after work, hug children or parents, and build a happy future, making your life sweet.

When your Cancer weekly horoscope predicts obligations, you don’t mind

You want to be there for the people you love. Even a special colleague at work deserves your time and attention. You actually look forward to pitching in when a friend calls you for help. You willingly listen to problems and offer solutions.

Sharing those moments is always worthwhile, even if they begin in tears and especially if they end in laughter. These are the mutual threads by which you weave the fabric of your life, and it brings you joy.

You manage your time with help from your Cancer weekly horoscope

No matter the length of your to-do list, you work to accomplish it all. Sometimes you must reach out for aid, and because you’re so generous with your time and attention, loved ones pitch in and help you. Those shared projects become a chance to chat and bond.

A busy week brings excitement and adventure. But if you see that you’re a bit overwhelmed, advance information from your horoscope inspires you to slow it down a little. Don’t get tickets to that mid-week event. Don’t cook that huge meal. Be efficient and take care of yourself so you can enjoy life as it happens.