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Years ago, there was an excellent television advert for the Yellow Pages. It involved an uncle who cut his niece's hair abysmally. As his sister watches through a window at him shouting and gesticulating angrily to an innocent hairdresser, we see he's actually pleading politely for help to put it right! That admittedly long-winded analogy might be appropriate where someone's 'bark' is worse than their 'bite' in your world now. A plea for help could disguise aggression.

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More about your Taurus daily horoscope personality

A Taurus daily horoscope helps you find the stability that is essential to anyone born under this Star Sign. You want to know what you can rely on. You like it best when life is predictable, and if you can plan, you will.

Sometimes without warning your position is compromised. This is unpleasant to Taurus Star signs. You take all possible steps to avoid such eventualities. It is always wiser to know what to expect.

Continuity is another essential for Taurus Star Signs. You don’t make choices carelessly. You set your life on a specific course and want it to remain there. This feels comforting. Your loved ones like the idea that they can depend on you.

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Taurus daily horoscope provides reliability

You keep your longstanding friends, stay with a chosen partner. It’s possible you may work at the same job all your life. You never get fed up even when other people are bored. Certainly, you feel that making a good choice means that you are happy with it for a very long time.

Sometimes you regret the innate stability of your Taurus personality because it slows you down. You rarely act on impulse. Sometimes that means you miss a good opportunity which comes quickly and evaporates before you can grasp it.

Taurus daily horoscope acceptance

You understand this part of your nature. You regret losing out when money is involved. Usually you shrug and accept life as it is. Knowing you must accept yourself as you are, for that too is part of your Taurus personality.

You love beauty, luxury, and sensuality. Quality is just as important to you as reliability, for really, it’s just the flip side of the same coin. You keep things in proper order. You always uphold certain standards.

Details are important to Taurus Star Sign personalities. Otherwise everything is just a big, unacceptable mess. You want your world to be orderly, beautiful, and comfortable, and once you achieve that, why ever would you want to change.

By Marc E. (Adele 3) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons