Aries Monthly Horoscope

January 2022

This month, the universe puts a strong emphasis on career progression and your home and family lives. A New Moon on the 2nd offers a fresh start and clean slate for professional goals. You also have mighty and make-things-happen Mars influencing your career from the 24th until March 6. So, if you need more enthusiasm and determination to take career-related strides, you've got both! But a Full Moon affecting your emotional foundations on the 17th may add fuel to existing tension. Finding a balance between career obligations and domestic matters might not be easy. But give emotions a chance to simmer down, and a way forward will become clear.

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More about your Aries monthly horoscope and personality

It’s part of your nature to be self-focused. That’s not something you want to change about yourself. It’s your basic task to learn who you are and express that very life force. One great thing about your Aries monthly horoscope is that it shows you periods which are peaceful versus those which contain conflicts.

If you know that you’re in a contentious period, one in which power struggles may emerge, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. You dislike immersing yourself in arguments because they rarely lead to the resolution you desire. Your monthly horoscope helps you express your personality. You get more of what you want—through careful choices about how you interact with other people.

Schedule your time so you can express your personality

Freedom is essential to anyone with a strong Aries personality. You want to do as you choose in every area of life. Sometimes life intercedes in this goal, however, and like everyone else, you must toe the line. As much as you’d like to, you can’t ignore chores, deadlines, or even the demands of those people whom you love.

Your Aries monthly horoscope allows you to know in advance which periods are busiest. You find it far less frustrating that you must put aside personal plans because of obligations you can’t avoid—if you can work around them. That way you can order tickets, book recreation events, or just have time to yourself. And you never feel that you’ve let anyone down.