Virgo Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 1st June

The Moon has just returned to your income sector as you move into the new week and as it will make multiple aspects on Monday and Tuesday, this will keep you on your toes from the get go. The Moon is unable to move through your income sector without clashing with the dwarf planet Eris, who has been in your financial sector since 1926. However, with money matters on a slow boil until Mars returns later in the month, apart from revealing any balance issues between money coming in and money going out, any financial tension will be fleeting and more a reminder than anything else. The biggest impact will be on the income front. This allows you to begin the week with a sharp nose for money from the get go and as this is Juno's first full week in direct motion here, this will give anything stalled the right nudge at the right time. However, what makes this significant is the number of aspects the Moon will form to planets on the job and career fronts.

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More about your Virgo weekly money horoscope and finances

Possessing a Virgo weekly money horoscope, you keep perfect track of your finances. Your check book is always balanced to the penny, and if you maintain credit card debt, you carefully find the best deal. Even so, you quickly pay off any balances. You like your finances to flow, not strangle you.

Unlike most people who drift along in the river of life until they suddenly careen down a waterfall, you prepare in advance. You consult your Virgo weekly money horoscope for tips about what might be coming, for you refuse to go through life wearing blinders.

Know when to spend with your Virgo weekly money horoscope

As frugal as you are, there is always something you want to improve. You can’t help it. When things you own no longer work to perfection, you want to fix or replace them. It’s annoying to live with perpetually singed toast or a computer that crashes. When you know a big expense is coming, you do research.

You feel compelled to find the best deal, for you won’t spend without comparison shopping. This is one of the many ways you prepare for life’s eventualities. Even if you see a bargain, you hesitate to buy an item unless it’s truly essential. Perhaps it has another year left. Perhaps that microwave isn’t truly broken.

Rule your finances with guidance from your Virgo weekly money horoscope

You balance these things against each other because you want to make only good decisions. You hate waste. Wantonly tossing something, even if you donate it, feels wrong. You respect the universe and that includes the bounty of the earth, whatever it may be.

If you can avoid a purchase, you choose to save the money. That way you prepare for a future in which eventually you will need it. If you are well off, you might splurge a little, but you never approve of waste. You spend your precious time demanding a refund on an item which has failed to live up to its promises, for you’re always a responsible shopper.