Scorpio Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 26th September

This will prove to be an important week on both sides of the financial fence though it is not until the second half of the week that this will become clear. However, things get off to a good start when the Moon not only returns to an intuitive and imaginative part of your chart on Monday but as a New Moon. This is the Moon's second visit since Mars' return to your financial sector and a friendly aspect before leaving on Wednesday can fuel your financial confidence, instincts and imagination while adding fuel to his financial passions and fighting spirit. After nearly six weeks in your financial sector, these should be Mars' final days but instead of leaving, by the time the Moon leaves on Wednesday he will not only be slowing down but will have formed a friendly aspect to Saturn. This brings Mars' warrior spirit and Saturn's steely sense of resolve together, just as there is a chance to take your financial power back. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your income sector from Friday to Saturday can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger.

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More about your Scorpio weekly money horoscope and finances

You value security, and you need to feel that your finances are in good order. Thus, you leave nothing to chance. You pay attention so you can neutralize any risk that arises.

You do have confidence in your own ability to endure whatever you must, for you’re a survivor, and you fight back against any negativity in your life. Your Scorpio weekly money horoscope gives you a bit of advance knowledge. If money is coming, you’re happy to look forward to that lucky break.

Your Scorpio weekly money horoscope prepares you fiscally

Sometimes you can hear good news which surprises you. Then you laugh and forget it, but when that lucky break actually arrives, you’re gratified, and you learn to look for the same sort of upturns in the future. You examine the patterns in your life, and you study financial patterns carefully.

If you work independently, it’s worthwhile knowing about a slow period, because then you try to gain new income. You attempt to solve financial problems before they trouble you. Even if you earn a steady salary, unforeseen expenses arise, and you must still pay your bills. You like having advance knowledge of the unexpected.

Interact with loved ones confidently thanks to your Scorpio weekly money horoscope

People depend on you, and you like it that way. When friends and family members need money, you give generously, for what’s yours is theirs. Few people feel as you do that someone you love is a part of yourself. That’s why so many consider you their rock.

You’re glad to sacrifice for a loved one. When your horoscope predicts difficulties, you tighten your own belt and approach your finances creatively. When things are flush, you’re more generous. You love buying little gifts to show your affection, even when there’s no event to celebrate.