Sagittarius Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

Both sides of the financial fence will come under the spotlight this week and while there is one point in the week where they will be competing for your attention, but this will be brief and something that you experience every four weeks. For the most part, the money gods are helping to balance things out by having the focus on the income side of the financial fence in the early and latter part of the week and on money matters during the working week. There is no planetary activity in your financial sector, with the Moon's return on Wednesday the chance you get every four weeks to become more emotionally and intuitively engaged. Meanwhile, the Moon's friendly aspect to Pluto in your income sector before leaving your work sector on Monday will get the new working week off to a good start. It is at the other end of the week that something more enduring develops, with Mercury joining Pluto in your income sector to not only bring this financial year home but with the smart head for money that to guide you through the planet of change and revolution's final seven weeks here.

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More about your Sagittarius weekly money horoscope and finances

It’s worthwhile to keep an eye on your finances, for you rarely think about money unless forced to. You enjoy buying what you want, and you don’t worry about tomorrow. This can be a bit scary when tomorrow comes and you can’t pay your expenses.

You’re not a shopper or even someone who lives the high life, for you like things simple. You don’t care about fashion, for you’d rather be comfortable, and a cast off or thrift store garment can become a treasure to you. Your Sagittarius weekly money horoscope keeps you on track. If you feel like splurging and shouldn’t, you trust your horoscope.

Learn about financial ups and downs in your Sagittarius weekly money horoscope

Some weeks are more expensive than others, for most people pay their bills for one month as the previous one ends. Some weeks there are few bills, but that doesn’t mean you can squander your resources or stop working, as often you’re tempted to do.

If there is money in your pocket, you think wow, I’m flush, why not take a trip. If you don’t work a steady job, this can be a real temptation. Only if you’re wealthy is it a good idea, for soon enough all those bills will pile up. Most people must use income from more than a single week to pay a month’s expenses. If you do too, plan ahead.

Your Sagittarius weekly money horoscope helps you manage your money

As you consider your bills, you must do something that doesn’t feel natural to you—take the long approach. If you have seasonal bills that come only annually, set some money aside regularly so you’re not overwhelmed.

By focusing on your finances regularly, you can create a game plan that allows you to budget for leisure. You have control of your finances, and that allows you to attract more money. You may not care about being wealthy, but money can buy fun, and that you approve of enthusiastically.