Pisces Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 17th June

While the Moon will leave your financial sector on Monday, like a bell that can't be unrung a chance to begin the week with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled while feeling emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start will have ongoing implications. Especially with the Moon not only spending its final hours at a friendly aspect to Venus, the planet of money but with the Sun, Mercury and over the weekend to lucky Jupiter. As the Moon's first visit since Mars left your income sector, its clash with the dwarf planet Eris there before leaving on Monday might create some financial tension, but as the warrior princess of the cosmos and charged with maintaining Mars' fight for what you deserve, it won't take much to turn this into motivation. If not straight away, then when the Moon returns to your career sector, something that will put them back in harmony on Thursday and Friday.

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More about your Pisces weekly money horoscope and finances

You adore paying with credit cards because it’s so easy. You hand over a piece of plastic, and they give you what you bought. There’s no bookkeeping at all, unlike in the old days when people used checking accounts.

Simplifying financial dealings appeals to you, mainly because you’d rather ignore money altogether. Your Pisces weekly money horoscope does remind you to pay more attention. After all, you must pay the bills, and that includes those credit cards. Life can never be totally carefree.

Manage your finances more effectively with your Pisces weekly money horoscope

Sometimes it’s good news and lucky energy comes your way. You feel happy to be on a financial upswing, usually you go and spend more money. It’s not as though there are tons of things you need to buy, for, usually you buy on impulse.

If times seem more difficult, you might decide to cut back. But if that means shopping at thrift stores instead of pricier shops, you could discover that you’re spending just as much because of all the bargains you’re scooping up. It’s wise to consider your spending habits and what they mean emotionally. If it’s the shopping version of eating for comfort, make some changes.

Prioritize with your Pisces weekly money horoscope

Even if you dislike doing it, take the time to make a budget. Consider the expenses you can’t ignore. You must sustain your life, and money is the tool by which you do that. Once you have it in black and white, you know what you must spend to keep your life afloat.

It’s easier to control your carefree attitude toward money when you pay attention to your bills. Perhaps you can cut back on certain things, memberships, subscriptions, and other things you rarely use. Doing that gives you some control over the flow of your finances. That feels good and then you can be carefree about money again.