Leo Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

While the Moon will visit neither of your two money houses this week, it is responsible for a new sense of confidence on both fronts. It was last week that the Moon returned for its first visit to your financial sector since Saturn turned direct and its last while Neptune is still in retrograde motion. With Neptune at a standstill as prepares for his direct turn next week, this has left you with your financial instincts sharp and greater insight into the past, present and future. The Moon was only there for a few days, but you are still unpacking and processing a download of information and benefiting from a better read on money matters. Meanwhile, it was over the weekend that the Moon not only returned for its first visit to your career sector since Venus left your income sector but since the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment took over the reins. The Moon will leave your career sector on Monday, but not before connecting with the planets across the income, work and career fronts that are here to stay.

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More about your Leo weekly money horoscope and finances

Amazingly, you enjoy spending money as much as making it. Your income fuels your lifestyle, which is as splendid as you can possibly make it. You attract luck and money, so often you don’t worry about cash flow, because it’s always there.

Some weeks are clearly better than others, and you rely on information in your Leo weekly money horoscope. If money is a bit scarce, you really do try to conserve. You use a credit card instead of spending cash. Wait a minute! You do know that doesn’t qualify as conserving, but you’re a big fan of instant gratification.

Your Leo weekly money horoscope reveals your potentials

Because you spend so lavishly, and you’re rarely willing to delay purchases, it only makes sense that you must be rich. No doubt your parents nagged you about this throughout your childhood.

You’re always on the lookout for better opportunities, particularly when you’re young and starting out. Eventually you choose to settle down and focus on a steady job, which feels much more comfortable. You opt to match your income to your life rather than the reverse.

Your Leo weekly money horoscope predicts luck

Most people don’t win the lottery, but you feel that you are luckier than most, so when a really great week comes along, you might gamble a little. Although that lottery ticket might not pay off, you also find other ways to exploit financial opportunities.

Discuss a potential raise during a flush period. Show your supervisor why you deserve that promotion. Increase your roster of clients if you’re self-employed. Although money can ebb and flow in your life, you always opt to make the most of positive periods. That way if there’s a downturn, you feel safe and can maintain your elegant lifestyle.