Cancer Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

In between the Moon's departure from your financial sector early last week and its return to your income sector over the weekend, there is not only a chance to finish processing a download of information from one before shifting to the other side of the financial fence. In that time everything has changed and especially on the professional front, making the Moon's return to your income sector over the weekend more than just the chance that it brings every four weeks to sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger. For the first time this year, the Moon will not only return to find planetary activity in your work sector but with standing room only. This is the Moon's only visit while the Sun is in your work sector but the first since Mars and Ceres returned last week and while Mercury will leave just before the Moon returns, he has helped to bring job and career forces together and will be back before Christmas. The Moon will return sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger just as this professional year has caught its second wind.

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More about your Cancer weekly money horoscope and finances

You always look for ways to amplify your bottom line, so you work hard and build success. Naturally, wealth is part of that equation. Money is important to you, for it allows you to build the secure life you crave. Often you help family members and contribute to charities.

You look for periods in which you can grow your career and allow money to flow. When your Cancer weekly money horoscope indicates an upswing, you press even harder to earn more. This is when you reach out to contacts if you’re a freelancer, for this is when new jobs roll in. If you’re working for a firm not your own, you still work harder, for you know that it’s possible a raise will be granted now.

Your Cancer weekly money horoscope shows the ebb and flow of your finances

Even if you don’t yet invest money, you certainly aim to save some. You probably follow a scheme about how much to save—a percentage of your total income. Certain weeks have fewer expenses, and so you wisely feel that this is the time to save more. Your eye is always on the bottom line.

If money is strained during any period, you attempt to compensate. You look toward the future now. This is the time to build for later on. Work on those long-term projects. By doing that, you have less time for expensive fun, and you wisely know that conserving is essential.

Your Cancer weekly money horoscope helps you relax about finances

You are sensitive, and you do tend to worry. Life feels tenuous and it is. Sometimes you must splurge, on yourself or loved ones. You buy gifts, host special meals, and attend events that are fun for the family.

You don’t approve of depleting your savings or overspending on credit, so if you know the cash is flowing, you can enjoy life. As you move forward toward meeting your long-term financial goals, you feel successful. You always want to do a good job financially.