Aquarius Weekly Money Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 4th December

The Moon is managing to squeeze in one last visit to your financial sector before Neptune turns direct in your income sector on Thursday, something that will make this a week of two halves in terms of which side of the financial fence your focus is. With no planetary activity in your financial sector, the side of the financial fence where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, the Moon's return on Monday will be a valuable chance to check in. While this is an ordinary monthly visit, apart from being the last visit of the year and therefore a chance to get some important financial insight, it is just as the Moon is leaving that Neptune will turn direct in your income sector. Two days after Venus, the planet of money's return to your career sector on Tuesday to steer the final weeks of this professional year in a lucrative direction, this will take the brakes off income potential.

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More about your Aquarius weekly money horoscope and finances

There are many reasons why you could become rich. You have excellent technical skills, love details, are good at analysis, and because you’re so detached from money emotionally, you could invest and make a bundle.

You appreciate the idea of being able to earn money without daily toil, and if you are an investor, you welcome knowing the ups and downs in your Aquarius weekly money horoscope. Even with the best information, an investment can tank, so you want to maintain a positive cash flow.

Manage your finances better with your Aquarius weekly money horoscope

You’ve probably put all your checking account registers and other financial information on the computer. Maybe you’ve set up automated payments on all your regular bills. Why do work that technology can do for you? A glance now and then helps you stay in touch with the flow of your finances.

If there are sudden expenses, then you must take charge. Obviously, it’s better to know in advance that there could be a fiscal blip, for then you can cut one thing to make room for another. It’s just adding and subtracting after all.

Your Aquarius weekly money horoscope indicates various new expenses

One of your biggest expenditures is fun. You maintain a lively social life, and you enjoy going out with friends. Your interests are many, and there is always something exciting to do where you live. Naturally you need to know you can afford tickets to that expo or concert.

If you’ve been overspending for a while, a glance at your horoscope could prompt you to cut back. Since you enjoy the company of friends so much, it’s easy enough to have people over for some pizza instead of going out to costly events. Then you’re back on track again with your financial outlook.