Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 24th November

Developments this week offer a chance to tackle “that” long-standing issue with a lover or partner. On the one hand, you could feel less defensive and more open to practical, grounded discussions. But as Venus affecting your service to others meets Uranus in your sign, this planetary combo could push you to release your Taurean stubbornness. So, let go of any rigid needs to be right this week.

Then, watch how harmony blooms like a spring flower.

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More about your Taurus weekly love horoscope and romance

It’s not just the idea of love which entrances you. (It does!) You love passion and sensuality. As a Taurus, you need to touch and be touched. Lying snuggled nightly in a lover’s arms is your ideal way to live.

Are you living up to that ideal, or has your daily life intruded? Working, doing dishes and the laundry, caring for loved ones on a constant basis can diminish your energy and the thrills in your life. Sometimes it takes more than a horoscope to amp up your passion. Or does it?

Make the most of your Taurus weekly love horoscope

If you knew it’s going to rain money, you’d walk outside and scoop some up, wouldn’t you? Take the same approach with romance. When your love life is highlighted, plan in advance to get the chores done, or to hire a babysitter. Conserve your energy and focus on amour. Mark the calendar. Scheduling love may be mundane, but it’s more thrilling than scheduling the plumber.

Sometimes an intimate conversation is enough to warm your heart, for romance doesn’t always happen between the sheets. It does happen by gazing into each other’s eyes. So if you know it’s a romantic week, turn off the television, take your lover’s hand, and share your most tender sentiments. Make it a memory, not just an evening.

Find new love when your Taurus weekly love horoscope predicts

You like the middle of things. Beginnings are not your preference at all. In fact, you avoid them. You dread searching for love because it’s terrifying, and if you decide to go out to a singles’ event and meet nobody, it’s depressing. You take it to heart.

But if your Taurus weekly horoscope suggests a romantic week, this is your lucky opportunity. Go out to that art gallery opening—and smile. Grab a drink with a friend, so you can meet some prospects. Focus on the now, but do it when the energy is propitious. Soon enough you’ll be in the middle of your forever romance.