Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 21st June

Your words are molten gold this week! You've got a lot to say about love and what it means to you, so reveal your romantic monologues. The coming days are ideal for dropping those three potent words: "I love you." Whether it's via a steamy text or whispered into someone's ear, let it out. Don't hold back, Scorpio - your honesty could set off fireworks in your love life.

Get ready to watch the passion rise from the ashes!.

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More about your Scorpio weekly love horoscope and romance

Love is definitely not a weekend-only sport. You like to mix it up. If you’re newly involved in a romance, this is particularly true. You have endless stamina, and you want to hold your sweetheart in your arms every night of the week.

You do gain some tips from your Scorpio weekly love horoscope. Even though you’d be content to pick up dinner every night and spend the evening gazing into each other’s eyes, perhaps it’s time to go out. Not everyone is as content at home as you are. Be willing to woo your lover in clever ways. Do goofy things. It makes life more fun.

Your Scorpio weekly love horoscope shares your feelings

You know how you feel, and, usually you know how your mate feels too, but you don’t mind being a little sneaky. You read your horoscope for insights into the mood of the week, and you read your lover’s too. If something is going on beneath the surface, you want to know about it.

You might even ask some pertinent questions, so that your partner feels safe in opening up. You seem gentle and welcoming, but really you’re someone who tears into life like it’s the first morsel of food after being lost in the wilderness. That’s your nature. You’re intense, and you approach romance in an extreme manner.

Take timing tips from your Scorpio weekly love horoscope

Being ready to declare your affections is a big deal. Not everyone says “I love you” on the first date. You may know it’s destiny, but you’re too savvy to risk rejection. You wait for the right moment. Perhaps that’s because you want to feel that your lover is in a little more deeply than you are.

You love with all your heart, and there are few infernos as dynamic. When you sweep lovers off their feet, it’s a memorable experience. You simply trust your instincts, as you do in every area of life. Finding true love and your perfect soulmate is inevitable, for you know you will bond completely and eternally.