Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 17th May

Enhanced communication sets the scene for romantic moments this week! So, embrace opportunities on offer to deepen a new, budding or established connection. Going deeper with sharing thoughts and feelings is your ticket to making this happen, Pisces. Widen the passionate communication lines and let some two-way, heartfelt conversations flow. What you say and how you say it can count for so much during the coming days.

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More about your Pisces weekly love horoscope and romance

You require human contact and interaction, for you want to fill your days with love and warm embraces. You’re a people person! Of all the relationships you cherish, the one that matters most is with your sweetheart. That intimate tie sustains you. You feel blessed to have this special person in your life, so you share those feelings often, for you know they’re nice to hear.

Building a love that lasts warms your heart, and although you might not have married your high school sweetheart, you like that idea. It’s so adorably romantic. Your Pisces weekly love horoscope reveals how your love life will go. You want it to be magically delicious, like that silly kids’ cereal, so your horoscope inspires you to make it so.

Amp up your love life with advice from your Pisces weekly love horoscope

Have things grown a little dull in a long relationship? If love is featured now, harness universal forces on your behalf. Do something sweet for your sweetheart, and bring the sparkle back with a picnic dinner in bed.

If love isn’t featured lately, don’t let it stop you. You’re creative, and your sentimental side is quite powerful. You easily make romance blossom, so take control and make everything with your lover even lovelier. Think about ways to bring your fantasies to life, and then create that special evening to share.

Find true love when your Pisces weekly love horoscope predicts

When you’re still searching for the one, it helps to know that the stars are in a romantic frame of mind. Don’t linger at home on your couch in front of the television, but get out there and meet some new people. Unleash your considerable charm, and watch potential lovers fall at your feet.

You enjoy the sensation of meeting someone new, for it feels like a present you can unwrap. There are many treasures to uncover in any new person, so even if you don’t feel that immediate chemistry, you’re willing to see what occurs as time passes. It takes time to know someone completely, so you don’t hurry a potential romantic connection. You want to create a happy life, with love at its heart.