Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 1st December

With Venus affecting your values and confidence until December 29, you're attracting what – and who – you deserve like a love magnet. Your self-worth is amplified during this time, and who can resist someone who knows their value? Strut your stuff, Libra and let your heart be your romantic or intimate GPS rather than your head. Your heart will only ever tell you the truth, and having more faith in what you know to be true is your ticket to passionate progress in the coming weeks.

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More about your Libra weekly love horoscope and romance

To some people, love is like the dessert in a fine meal. To you, it’s the main course. You live for love, and you adore the courtship part of a romance, for that’s where the sparkle begins. Everything is new, and you move it forward day by day, opening new layers and growing more entranced, which is the world’s best feeling.

Your Libra weekly love horoscope guides your expectations. You feel quite lucky during a week when love is accentuated, and you take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the process. This is the time to share those tender moments with your special someone.

Take dating hints from your Libra weekly love horoscope

You have well defined expectations of what courtship entails. It isn’t enough to spend quality time together, but you must do the things that match all those romantic fantasies in your head. You want to be the star of your own love story, and so that means dining by candle light, dancing, and whispering sweet sentiments.

Make special plans during a romantic period. Go ahead and splurge on that expensive restaurant. This is when you make the memories that will last a lifetime. Introduce your sweetheart to family and friends now. Positive romantic energy helps everyone make a good impression.

Look for romance when your Libra weekly love horoscope indicates

If you’re entering the meet market for the first time, or again, the best time to do it is when Cupid is around. Yes, you’re charming and attractive, and everybody loves you. But you make your most secure love match during a romantic period.

If the energy is lagging, you need not remain at home in your robe. Go out and twinkle. You have the people skills to meet a mate any day of the week. And because you love to be social, you lose nothing by chatting casually with someone who never becomes your true love. There’s always tomorrow.