Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 24th November

Your awesome Leo energy is buzzing this week! You could feel ready to give a crush or lover the royal Leo treatment. If you're attached, it may be time to discuss your relationship on a grander scale – think “love story for the ages.” If you're single, keep an eye out for a charming stranger who oozes courage and grace. But remember, talking about the future is one thing; taking action is another.

Don't let fear hold you back – seize the moment and let romance take over.

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More about your Leo weekly love horoscope and romance

Even when you’re incredibly busy with friends and social events, your Leo weekly love horoscope shows you still desire romance. You want that special someone to share your life. Yes, you can enjoy being single, but in your heart, you know that life is better with a partner. You want to meet a soulmate.

So. if you are single, you want to change your status. Your Leo weekly love horoscope helps you use your time effectively. Is love in the cards? When it’s accentuated, this is the time for you to seek your soulmate. You always sparkle, but now you sparkle more. You light up a room so that the right person will notice you.

Your Leo weekly love horoscope helps you find a mate

During positive love periods, you give love your all. This is the perfect time to post that online profile. It’s also a good time to take photos of yourself looking your best. Everyone is more attractive during an amplified romance period.

You go out more during a romantic period, and that pays off. It’s easier to meet new people. Some may become friends, but you cherish your companions, and the more people you know, the more potential fix-ups you can accept.

Your Leo weekly love horoscope tells you when your relationship deepens

If you’re already in a committed relationship, you grow closer during romantic periods. Something happens between you that produces more intimacy. Perhaps it’s cupid, still aiming those arrows. You feel blessed to be with your lover and that feeling is returned.

If the energy is dull, it doesn’t mean you must ignore romance. No, of course not! You have the soul of a poet, so use that glow to enliven the dull moments of life. Reach out to your true love. Make a grand, romantic gesture. Plan something special and teach the universe a lesson about life at its best.