Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 1st December

With matters of the heart, you could be clear about what you want and don't want. With Venus affecting the detailed scrutiny you give love until December 29, you might focus more intently on “fixing” relationships like a confident, caped superhero. But don't chase a lover away with your quest for passionate perfection. Release control, let your imagination run wild and accept that love should be an adventure, with surprises being the best part of the journey.

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More about your Gemini weekly love horoscope and romance

Can you picture yourself falling madly in love to the point that another person entrances you? Can you imagine being in a crowded room with eyes only for your true love? Chances are you don’t see romance in quite that way, for you see it as spending time with a fascinating person.

It’s not that you prefer friendship to love, but that to you a personal connection is more about intellectual attachments than physical ones. You don’t want a romance with a hot, boring partner. So for you, a good romantic period is one in which you connect with a person you’d want to see again, tomorrow, and the day after. You like being in sync with a mate, so that you can complete each other’s sentences.

Your Gemini weekly love horoscope tells you if it’s romance or friendship

You take finding love rather casually. If it doesn’t happen today, it could happen tomorrow. Meanwhile you’re fine hanging out with friends. You actually enjoy dating. You’re the one!

You do like comparing your reality to what your Gemini weekly love horoscope predicts. If your soulmate is coming to woo you, it’s great to know in advance. You look at people differently, so you expect more from every encounter, and thus you’re more like everyone else.

Take romantic hints from your Gemini weekly love horoscope

Maybe it’s time to up your game. Most people don’t fall totally in love at first sight, for it takes time and effort to turn a casual date into a true love. Share experiences, and see the bond grow. Make those grand romantic gestures—when the time is right—and feel love blossom.

As you gain insight from your Gemini weekly horoscope, you see your love life improve. You make romance more important, and in doing that you gain more happiness. Maybe you don’t need all those extra, casual dates. Maybe true love is all it’s said to be.