Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 21st June

Your love life could be hotter than a firecracker on the Fourth of July this week! A Full Moon in your sign urges you to crank things up a notch with a style overhaul! This is your red-hot glow-up moment; everyone will notice your sizzling allure. Strut your stuff with confidence, whether you're solo or partnered. It's time to conquer the romantic world and revel in the pleasure that's rightfully yours. So, go on, set your intentions ablaze and own your romantic destiny!.

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More about your Capricorn weekly love horoscope and romance

You believe that love is mainly for the weekend. It’s fun to look forward to sharing special moments with your sweetheart, away from the demands of the work week. Yes, sometimes you catch yourself daydreaming about your other passion—work, but you can’t stifle your thoughts.

The thing is that life isn’t always as neatly arranged as that. Sometimes love happens on a Wednesday. Sometimes you can’t go another moment without falling into your lover’s arms. And perhaps your lover demands more commitment than a two-day-a-week love fest if the relationship is to continue.

Use your Capricorn weekly love horoscope to determine romantic intensity

If love is strongly in focus, you want to know. You can’t field demands for increased attention on a week with killer deadlines. But you can make strides with those deadlines in advance. And then love is easier to schedule.

If love is a blah subject now and then, you don’t mind. Your Capricorn weekly love horoscope allows you to put it on the back burner for a while. You can focus on romance in a few days, when you’ve completed your work and can relax.

Seek new love based on tips in your Capricorn weekly love horoscope

Looking for love is not as much fun as being in love, so you count on the timing advice in your horoscope to mount your assault on the meet market. You’d rather have the forces of the universe on your side.

When you make finding love a priority, it’s easier to connect with a suitable partner. You open up and show your fun side, your great wit and wicked sense of hilarity. And when you reveal your earnest desire to make a good life and share it with a true love, a prospective lover wants to see more of you.