Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 24th June

This week, your sign hosts a New Moon. This offers a fresh start, a new beginning or clean slate wherever you want any or all of the above. But does your love life appear on your list? If so - and there's no reason why it shouldn't - the New Moon waits for instruction from you regarding what you want. So, be clear in your mind and heart about this.

Then, send a heartfelt, positive affirmation to the universe. Consider it a bit like 'wishing upon a star.'.

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More about your Cancer weekly love horoscope and romance

What’s better than romance? If you can snuggle down nightly into the arms of your true love, nothing bothers you at all. Life is sweet. You don’t desire casual attachments, for they are much too insignificant. You want a lifetime commitment.

Your goal is always to build a secure home and family with a reliable partner who will always love you. Together you create security and emotional sustenance. People who want a fleeting good time baffle you. So if you’re single, you’re on the lookout, and you use your Cancer weekly love horoscope to know when to pounce. Why bother prowling for love if the energy isn’t strong enough? It’s a waste of time.

Your Cancer weekly love horoscope helps you find your soulmate

When single, you think of love almost constantly. Not until you’ve found your true love can you relax and focus on other things, for nothing is as important. When universal forces propel you forward, you get out there and twinkle at potential partners.

If your horoscope says it’s to be a so-so week, you spend time with beloved friends. You enjoy the comforts of your home, invite family members to dine, or snuggle with a beloved pet. You appreciate your single life, even though you know that connecting with a partner will truly be its beginning.

Your Cancer weekly love horoscope shows how to merge love and pleasure

Romantic periods amplify pleasure potentials, so this is the time to make life sweeter for that special someone. You cherish the time you spend together, so by adding a few distinctive touches, you grow closer, and you build mutual memories.

Schedule special events during a notable romantic period. Take that vacation, elope, or introduce a sweetheart to the parents. Everyone feels the energy, so bask in the amplified glow that surrounds you both.