Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 23rd February

Your social network could be a source of enchanting romance this week as love planet Venus brings beauty and sweetness to friendships. But Venus teases Neptune, drawing you into your own inner world where there's plenty of deep and concealed emotional content to flip through. It might feel like you're in a tug of war with your unconscious mind, but find a way to let your heart rule instead of getting caught in a mental loop. You'll be less likely to overthink a matter, too.

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More about your Aries weekly love horoscope and romance

As an Aries, you’re an ardent suitor. You love the thrill of the chase! Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you still adore flirting, for it gives you a sense of untapped possibilities. Reading your Aries weekly love horoscope is entertaining—you love being the star of your own romance novel.

Other people may quiver and be fearful about proceeding with romantic activities. Not you! You charge forward, and even if rejected, you rebound quickly. Obviously, you do want to succeed if you’re in the meet market, so one way to up your odds is to consult your Aries weekly love horoscope. It reveals the romantic mood of the week.

Your Aries weekly love horoscope may predict surprise alliances

You never know when you’ll become the object of someone else’s desires. If an attractive paramour is determined to flirt with you and begin a new connection, it’s fun to read about it in advance. Don’t go grab a hasty dinner. Linger and make yourself available for advances. It’s a game you love to play.

If you notice in your Aries weekly love horoscope that romantic conflicts may occur, this is your chance to avoid problems. Make a surprise gesture designed to melt the heart of your lover. That way you transform negative energy into its positive counterpart—even before a quarrel occurs.

If you decide to break up, your Aries weekly love horoscope can guide you

Nobody likes ending a romance, but you know your own heart, and sometimes you can’t avoid wanting to move on. If you’re no longer in love, you must endure one of those difficult conversations.

It’s always best to let go with love. First, choose a week that’s good for romance. Express your feelings honestly, but leave your lover feeling upbeat about the time you shared. Then move on to your next romance with a good spirit, thanks to positive timing indicated by your Aries weekly love horoscope.