Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning Friday 26th May

There could be considerable focus on relationships this week. Someone you have a romantic or business connection with could feature. “Relationships” can also involve friends, your social scene or those you interact with in other ways. But as Venus and Saturn clash, you could feel pulled in two directions. You accept that chums or besties deserve time and attention, but someone you're committed to needs the same. This juggling act might require careful handling.

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More about your Virgo weekly horoscope and personality

With your Virgo weekly horoscope, you always have a list of tasks you hope to accomplish, and you try to do them efficiently, but sometimes life happens. Family members might speak up and ask for your help, so you stop what you’re doing and put them first, for you like being needed.

One way your Virgo weekly horoscope comes in handy is that it lets you know the tone of the week. Will you be crazy busy, or can you serenely move from task to task uninterrupted? When you know it’s a chaotic week, you try not to tax yourself too unreasonably, as it’s better for your health to remain unruffled.

You look for variety in your life thanks to your Virgo weekly horoscope

The great thing about letting life happen is that it curbs your natural tendency to be all business and no pleasure. If your horoscope indicates a very social period, of course you should take advantage of it, for you cherish those moments of surprise fun.

Because you’re so organized, you know what each day could hold, but you need not stick to your plans. When the unexpected comes along, take advantage of it. Go to the impromptu dinner with friends or see that mid-week movie. Shop after work. You can always de-frag the hard drive of your computer or reorganize your kitchen cabinets.

Your Virgo weekly horoscope keeps you prepared

You find it very useful to gain hints about what to expect. If you know your car might act up, you can check it out in advance. If a sudden project is coming, you set aside some time for unknown eventualities.

You always hope that there will be leftover time, for you know that too often you neglect yourself. In your push to complete everything on time, you eliminate the fluff, and often that fluff is yourself. If your horoscope predicts a lull, don’t move on to the next chore. Stop, think about yourself, and do something frivolous. You’ll be glad you did.