Virgo Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 26th February

As much as Mars and Venus are making this both a busy and exciting week on the job front, something is brewing that is starting to suggest that this is just a stepping stone to something much bigger or at least interconnected. While as you move into the new working week it has been seven days since the Moon left your career sector, as well as sharpening your professional instincts, having had time to unpack a download of information, this is likely to have let a call to start looking towards bigger professional goals and ambitions. What your sixth sense has picked up on is the approach of Jupiter, who by Monday is just three months away from returning to your career sector to begin your biggest year for professional growth and expansion in over a decade. With Pluto, who is currently working with Venus and Mars to get things moving on the job front still in your work sector when Jupiter returns, where you can get the wheels moving there now could grow into something much bigger. Meanwhile, thanks to the Moon Tuesday to Thursday will be good days for income and job matters.

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More about your Virgo weekly career horoscope and prospects

With a Virgo weekly career horoscope, you set long-term and short term goals, for one thing leads to another. Break down each task into manageable components and gain more success is your motto. You’re absolutely right, and that’s why you can complete difficult jobs when others quit in the middle.

You’d like to stick to a schedule if you can, but life has a way of interceding. You consult your Virgo weekly career horoscope to learn in advance if you must alter your plans. Not every week proceeds as smoothly as you’d like, and as much as you resent stopping in the middle of any task, sometimes other things take precedence.

Collaborate effectively thanks to your Virgo weekly career horoscope

If you’re not a babysitter, you don’t want to babysit. Nothing irks you more than the laziness and inefficiency of colleagues. Often, you’d rather work alone, even if it’s harder on you, for ultimately, it’s more efficient. Sadly, that’s not always possible.

You must deal with other people, like everyone else, and even though you want to give advice and guidance, colleagues don’t always appreciate your well-meant efforts. You know this, but it’s very difficult to curb your urges to intervene. You’d like to avoid power struggles and quarrels, and so at those difficult times, you wisely remain silent, opting to let people make their own mistakes.

Your Virgo weekly career horoscope gives a boost to pet projects

When you work at a steady job, you attempt to stay busy, but there are occasional down periods. Most people use this time to their own advantage. That’s how they move forward into other careers or woo their sweethearts.

You feel that if you’re being paid, you should be working. So if things are slow, you speak up and offer to help a colleague. You get a jump on upcoming tasks. It’s better to be busy than watching a clock.