Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

The Sun and Moon are having a mixed week but one that can ultimately empower things across the income, work and career fronts. To start with the Sun and Moon couldn't be more at odds with each other, with their opposition creating Monday's Full Moon just as the Sun is moving into his first full week in your income sector and Mars' his first full week here in two years. This is in contrast to the Moon's return to your work sector during the Sun's early hours last week, giving you a window into the start of what will become a growing partnership between planets on the job and career fronts. The Sun and Moon won't be at odds for long, with the Moon not only returning to your career sector over the weekend but into a friendly aspect to the Sun and Mars but also to the North Node and planets in your work sector. This will end the week with a lot of positive energy and insight across the income, work and career fronts.

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More about your Scorpio weekly career horoscope and prospects

You feel that your time is your own, even if you work for an employer. Thus you resist anything which wastes your time, for you can’t justify it. It’s not that you mind busywork exactly, you resent tasks which don’t advance your objectives. If it accomplishes nothing, you avoid it.

You have a set of goals for any period of time, and your Scorpio weekly career horoscope helps you define what you must accomplish, and when. By considering the tone of the week, you know how much you must push to gain momentum toward success.

You schedule your time based on your Scorpio weekly career horoscope

If you know there are serious demands on your time, you move flexible tasks, and then you hunker down. You avoid meetings with long-winded colleagues or clients in order to focus on more essential priorities.

Deadlines come first. You never leave until the last minute something that is due now, for you know it’s more sensible to finish early. That way there’s time to review, re-do, or rethink any problems. This is partly why you remain so calm—your life is in order.

Your Scorpio weekly career horoscope is like a personality Geiger counter

You excel at power struggles, and they rarely stress you, for you enjoy a good game of chess. When confronted with a difficult person, you make dynamic choices, and that way you come out ahead.

You feel invigorated by competition, and you don’t mind going head to head with someone at work, particularly if you dislike or have little respect for this person. You simply press forward, do your best, and win the battle. Then as your horoscope indicates a more congenial period forming, you relax, make jokes, and transform that opponent into a friend.