Libra Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 17th June

Just as things might be slowing down on the job front, this professional year not only catches its second wind but just as you are moving into the new working week. Saturn and Neptune, in your work sector until early 2026 are both slowing down and with Saturn turning retrograde at the end of next week and Neptune just a few days later, there is a need to take your foot off the gas. Yet while this is helping to cement work and job matters and is allowing things to tick over, new doors are opening on the career front. It begins with Venus' return on Monday, followed by Mercury's return a few hours later and the Sun's return on Friday. This is the first planetary activity on the career front since July 2023 and where Saturn and Neptune have done all of the heavy lifting so far, they can take it from here. Meanwhile, the Moon's return to your income sector on Monday will get the week off to a good start across the income, work and career fronts.

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More about your Libra weekly career horoscope and prospects

You judge the progress of your career by how many good meetings you attend in a day. By interacting positively with colleagues and clients, you build success. You focus on your goals and move forward, clear about what you must do. This is how you get what you want.

You complete mundane tasks like paperwork efficiently, then you concentrate on social interaction, the human side of your work which you value most. Balancing a ledger won’t move you forward or satisfy you. Use your Libra weekly career horoscope to make the most of your time. Note what’s highlighted, and arrange your schedule accordingly.

Avoid tensions predicted in your Libra weekly career horoscope

You work hard to make life flow smoothly, but sometimes there are tense moments or power struggles associated with your job. You must control difficult people. Even if you’re seething inside, you excel at maintaining a cool disposition. You never allow a negative situation to best you.

You gain the upper hand with this savvy approach, for you learned early on that losing your temper rarely gives you the power that maintaining a cool head bestows. So if you must deal with an unreasonable person, you stay calm and take charge. Soon enough that person agrees with you and follows your lead.

Seek opportunities for advancement in your Libra weekly career horoscope

People assume that because you’re so mannerly that you’re timid. They couldn’t be more wrong. You take action assertively, and you make it look easy. You don’t mind asking for what you want, and do you it in a subtle way.

If the energies are positive, you snap up an opportunity to discuss advancement with a superior. Perhaps you’ll share a working lunch and casually bring up what you want.

It feels like lunchtime conversation, but your boss takes your suggestions to heart. You’re just that good.