Leo Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

Thanks to the Moon the new working week will get off to a good start while thanks to Mercury, it will come to an even better end. While the Moon will leave your career sector on Monday, this will do more than just give you a chance to move into the new working week with your professional instincts sharp while feeling emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start. It was over the weekend that the Moon aligned with both planets in your career sector, formed a friendly aspect to Juno on the job front and to Pluto in your work sector before leaving on Monday. This will leave you with a download of information to unpack across the income, work and career fronts while giving you a read on the planets that are now in a stable position and partnership. However, while the Moon is just passing through, Mercury's return to your work sector over the weekend will begin a journey that is set to open things up across the income, work and career fronts over the next three months.

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More about your Leo weekly career horoscope and prospects

With a Leo weekly career horoscope, ou work hard and you play hard. You never delete items from your calendar—instead you sleep less. At work, you accomplish your to-do list then you race off to have fun with friends. Perhaps you also mingle with business contacts. You choose to remain busy.

You rely on your Leo weekly career horoscope to help you plan your time. If you schedule many fun activities during any period, you find ways to merge work with leisure. Sometimes you include a colleague who can influence your success in a purely social event. Or you might be so busy that you opt to remain late at your job so that you can advance your career. You make good choices.

Navigate turbulent waters with advice from your Leo weekly career horoscope

You avoid dealing with rude or disrespectful people, even if usually you like the person. You give respect only when you get it. If your horoscope predicts power struggles, you’re forewarned, so you control your own temper. That way you prevail.

During taxing periods, you might not receive the hoped-for response about a project. So take more time, review your progress, and make needed changes. Enlist a colleague’s help. Brainstorm with friends, and gain additional perspectives. Then you can move forward to achieve the accolades you seek.

Your Leo weekly career horoscope helps you generate new projects

Even if you’re employed, you maintain dreams of being your own boss. You like being in charge. You also like seeing your own brilliant ideas succeed. So, when the energy is positive, you move forward. You work harder on any side lines that are your own. And you succeed more readily.

Now you attend functions designed to bring you into contact with influential people, and you casually present your ideas. You’re always focused on generating success, and you rely on your horoscope as a tool to help you make the most of all opportunities.