Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 20th May

While it is not only business as usual as you move into the new working week, but in the final hours of your old solar year you may even be reluctant to put your work hat back on over the weekend, by Tuesday that will have changed. It is just hours into your birthday month and new solar year that the Moon will not only return to your work sector, but until leaving on Thursday and right in the heart of the working week, it will connect with both planets in your career sector. This is something that happens every four weeks and while not always conveniently in the heart of the working week, this comes at an important point in the year for job and career matters. This is the Moon's first visit since Mars left your career sector, so is a valuable chance to regroup, but coming full circle from last month's Full Moon, this could see a lot of things fall into place on the job front. On one hand, this can act as a real time trigger for job and career matters while on the other hand, offering a chance to get your professional bearings.

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More about your Gemini weekly career horoscope and prospects

You imagine a life filled with excitement and new daily challenges. Like the star of one of those action movies, you want to be constantly on the go. Most jobs demand repetition, so that’s a difficult vision to enact. One way to enjoy work more is to adjust your daily schedule. Do the same tasks at varied times during the day.

Astrologically speaking, different energy patterns do occur, thus your Gemini weekly career horoscope reveals what to expect. You focus and work particularly hard some weeks, while other weeks demand less effort.

Schedule your time effectively with your Gemini weekly career horoscope

Attack your tasks during a busy week with a good spirit, and that will reduce frustrations. If something must be redone, settle in and tackle it. That’s part of life. Don’t pencil in too many other activities. You don’t want to cancel social events at the last minute because you’re trapped at work.

You won’t be bored during slow times if you know they’re coming. Now you can work on new projects, share social moments with colleagues, and perhaps leave work early. With fewer distractions, you gain momentum for complicated projects. You can focus your energy on the projects that matter most to you. This leads to professional growth.

Your Gemini weekly career horoscope helps you manage your contacts

You love to interact with other people. You enjoy sharing your ideas and your wit. But sometimes people are more cranky, so your colleagues don’t appreciate your jokes. If you must deal with power struggles, keep your remarks casual and professional. Don’t alienate anyone, even accidentally.

Make the most of weeks featuring promising social interactions. That way you can grow closer to colleagues and even superiors at work. Build your career with positive personal connections. Use what you learn in your forecast to chart your own upwards trajectory.