Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 17th June

It is just as you move into the new working week that the Moon is spending its final hours in your home and family sector clashed with the dwarf planet Eris in your career sector. This is a monthly event and with the warrior princess of the cosmos spending decades here, this is key to maintaining the right work/life balance. With the Moon leaving on Monday, this will deliver a short but familiar reminder just as you are moving into the new working week. The difference this time is that this is not just the first reminder since Mars left your career sector just over a week ago but ended a push to get this professional year up to speed that had begun back in early March. As that was on the heels of a busy start to the year on the job front, it is only now that you finally have a chance to take your foot off the gas. Ahead of the Moon's return to your work sector and a chance to bring things together on the job and career fronts on Thursday and Friday, this will be the right reminder at the right time.

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More about your Cancer weekly career horoscope and prospects

The first thing you do as a week is beginning is to check your calendar and to-do list. This is how you chart your opportunities to excel. You’re always looking for ways to amplify your success and to sidestep any potential problems.

Will it be an easy week with congenial interactions, or will you have to do battle? You count on your Cancer weekly career horoscope to help answer those questions. You don’t mind working a little harder, but you do prefer when you need not engage in power struggles—at work or in your private life.

Your Cancer weekly career horoscope describes interpersonal dynamics

Some people are difficult, and you yourself can sometimes be cranky. You know this, but you wish it were not so. The truth is that everyone has something going on deep inside, and personal problems can lead to unkind conduct. You work to overcome this negativity by understanding what’s at the source.

Even when challenged, you want to make a good impression. You work to institute peace and harmony, and if that helps someone who’s too stressed to behave properly, so much the better. It can only be good for your upwards career trajectory.

You rely on your Cancer weekly career horoscope to predict growth periods

When you see that you’re in a lucky or simply positive period, you go into overdrive. A really good week can create the momentum for a year’s worth of increased success. You know how important it is to exploit the positive.

It never hurts to make a list of everything you want to accomplish in a given time period, even one as small as “after lunch.” You may not achieve all you desire, but you know that eventually you will accomplish your goals.