Aquarius Weekly Career Horoscope

Week beginning Monday 27th November

All of a sudden things have gone quiet on the career front but not for long and instead, there is a chance to focus on work and job matters and as you prepare for another surge next week. Just 10 days separate the dwarf planet Ceres' departure from your career sector on Saturday and Venus' return early next week. It began with the Sun's departure from your career sector last Friday, followed by Mars a day later and finally Ceres. In one fell swoop, over a 48 hour period, this saw the Sun take the solar spotlight off your career situation and matters, Mars ended his last visit for another two years and Ceres her last deep dive into your professional needs and priorities for another four years. There is more than enough momentum and chances are you won't notice the difference, other than there isn't the pressure to be on top of your game 24/7. Instead, the Moon's return to your work sector is going to make Wednesday to Friday a valuable chance to check in and could even be a trigger for income and job potential.

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More about your Aquarius weekly career horoscope and prospects

You are happiest when working at a job that feels meaningful to you. If you can earn a living doing something you’d do for free or as a hobby, life is sweet. You want to feel you’re making a contribution to the world on a daily basis.

Even if you’re in a well-paying career, if it’s meaningless to you, you’ll find a way to quit. Your Aquarius weekly career horoscope shares information about how well you’re doing. Perhaps you’re making more of a contribution than you realize, and that’s good to know.

Seek new opportunities via your Aquarius weekly career horoscope

You do like staying on top of things, and that means understanding the climate in your career. Even if you’re not in the job market, it’s worthwhile to know what’s out there. During positive swells of energy, you could stumble on a new job without even looking.

When you are searching for employment, you take a methodical approach. The vision of your dream job is firmly in your mind, so you evaluate available opportunities to see which most closely matches. Your goal is to make enough money while being happy.

Connect with new friends thanks to your Aquarius weekly career horoscope

You excel at networking, perhaps because you don’t stress about it. To you a professional event is a chance to meet new friends. It’s fun to discuss advances in your field, or to impress a potential boss with your skill set.

Sometimes you simply connect positively with a colleague, and that could lead to a friendship that lasts all your life. As your career grows and changes, you could end up in an entirely different field, but you cherish the contacts you make along the way. You collect friends the way other people pick flowers.