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Relationship Success reading reveals our qualities as a partner, your true friendship, and love.


Also, all you need to know and understand about attracting a lover. In addition, keeping them involved in the relationship.

The way you communicate your forcefulness and sex-drive as well as understand and manage your partner.Finally, how you stay in love and remain interested in one special person.

Relationship Success reading extract for Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Relationship Success reading

Born: June 9, 1963, 8:44 AM Owensboro (KY) (USA)

Johnny’s Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

With his Venus In Taurus Johnny is…  


The Loyal Lover or The Possessive Lover

Love or Fancy?

Love for Johnny is something that has to be physical, sensual and probably involve some material comforts and wherewithal too.

Relationship Success reading extract for Johnny Depp

Johnny also wants love to be solid and lasting, with possibly traditional or close-to-nature qualities about it.


However, without taking a look at the more spiritual or psychological aspects of relating, Johnny could be consigning himself to being in a dull, gross or possessive relationship. Such blind physical indulgence would amount to mere Fancy.

Johnny attracts and wins over with…

…a rich earthy appeal that promises pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.


…a feeling that he is solid and reliable and not given to flightiness or unpredictability.

…a natural attractiveness that is erotic but not threatening or artificial.

But Johnny repels with – and should avoid or remedy…

…a possessiveness that prevents him from seeing anyone as an individual in their own right.


…a blind and gross need for material stability or sexual indulgence that inhibits any sense of mystery or excitement.

…a jealousy born of lacking any sense of his own inner worth.

Johnny is attracted to and won over by…

…very tactile types who display a traditional sense of the romantic.


…someone who has artistic talent or awareness, especially a good singing or speaking voice.

…natural qualities, good living, creature comforts, and material stability.

 More about a Relationship Success reading and how you conduct yourself

In conclusion, what turns you on or puts you off.


The self-worth and determination you show as well as beliefs and baggage you bring. Also, the learning curve you face and standards you adopt. When your time of birth is known extra sections about your true feelings and inclinations, as well as what you are prepared to put into the relationship and likely to get back are included in your Relationship Success report.

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