Relationship Reality Reading

Relationship Reality reading helps you gain a better understanding of each other.


What you create together. No longer two distinct individuals, as a couple you accommodate the relationship itself by both undergoing changes. The Relationship Reality that you create together is a separate entity. You find out the reality of being more involved, as the relationship unfolds and develops over time. This goes a long way towards making it happy and successful.

Relationship Reality reading extract for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Relationship Reality ReadingRelationshiReality Reading Prince Harry
Meghan Markle
Born: August 4, 1981, 4:46 AM Los Angeles (CA) (USA)
Prince Harry Born: September 15, 1984, 4:20 PM Paddington, London (UK)

Mutual Satisfaction or Ultimately None – ‘Close One’

Mars Conjuncts Venus

T to satisfy your natural urges, however, it is necessary to consider carefully the sensibilities of each other.


Sooner or later, without the willing assent of one of you, the other’s satisfaction will feel rather one-sided. Possibly not really satisfying at all, or non-existent. If either of you fails to assert their own wishes or feelings enough, they only have themselves to blame. THis occurs when they feel that their better nature is taken advantage of.

Sexuality versus Sensitivity – ‘Close One’

Mars Squares Neptune

Qualities concerning your manner of self-assertion and sexual expression go through a process of refinement.


Also, an alignment with your finer feelings and sensitive spots – o if not, r they certainly need to!

Otherwise whenever one of you are pushing for the wrong thing or for the wrong reason – like an entirely selfish one – then they deplete the other person’s energy, or they themselves become depleted or ineffective as the other resists or more likely evades their onslaughts.

Eventually, though, their means of evasion could become more treacherous, such as going off, or having a dalliance, with somebody else – or they simply become very disinterested in the physical side of love. But this would be because neither of you had been totally honest about their respective feelings in the first place. And being ‘totally honest’ necessitates being aware of what your feelings are; be they feelings of desire or feelings of vulnerability.

So, unless honesty born of a conscious inquiry into the very nature your relationship and each other is sought after, and preferably a commitment to some kind of sexual discipline, like tantric yoga, is also practiced – both ideally from quite early on – one of you is going to feel led up the garden path and possibly dumped somewhere along the way, while the other will just feel short-changed.

Creative or selfless pursuits, or dancing and water sports, can galvanize you both when all else fails to do so. But this mixture of sexuality and sensitivity is part of your relationship and proves very undermining, even degenerating, especially if drugs or alcohol are added to the mix.

Discover how you are as a couple

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More about a Relationship Reality reading the intensity of being together

The heart and purpose of your relationship, its soul, and emotional nature.


How you think and communicate as a couple, your relationship’s appeal and accord, drive, and sexuality. Your relationship’s belief in itself shows through commitment and staying power. Freedom and awakening displayed together as well as sensitivity and spirituality plus your ability to influence each other and develop together.

Please note the following:

We include the Ascendant- our relationship’s image and identity when you include the birth times.


So, too the Houses sections for each of the planets.

In addition, all the Planet’s Sign and aspect information are provided. When you don’t know the birth times we use a Noon time and the Ascendant and Houses information cannot be verified.

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