Predictor Reading

Predictor reading helps you to change and progress as you discover details of future events.


Planetary events listed by date, giving you notice of important opportunities that may have a lasting influence on your life. Remain in control of significant events.

Predictor reading extract for Jessica Alba

Jessica_Alba Predictor Reading

August 28th, 2017 onwards to September 8th, 2017

Predictor Reading – Increasingly Influential – Hunger for Power – Profound Growth

Transiting Jupiter Conjuncts your natal Pluto

Start of a new 11-12 year ‘Faith in Destiny Cycle’

Whatever you regard as your fate or fortune, now is the time when you are most likely to receive a boost from it or make a blow for it.


It is also a time when whatever you have been piling a great deal of energy into is most likely to meet with success. But you can easily get caught out by this period if you either have nothing much to offer or if you are too intent on gaining a position of power.

The consequences are, if you are the former, you feel ‘hard done by’ and at the mercy of the powers that be, or if you are the latter, you wind up falling so far short of your expectations as to feel worse off than you were before.

Any obsessions you might have can also get in your way now because they will preoccupy you more than usual – yet also give you the opportunity to deal with them once and for all. All in all though, the more you are now doing something that reaches out to the masses, or that is for the common good, then the more rewarding this period will be, with material success being a by-product rather than the main objective.

SIGNIFICANCE: This is a very strong influence. It reinforces the situation in hand and both forces and enables you to advance and grow.

POSSIBLE ENCOUNTERS: Worldly Success – Your Destiny – Powerful Ups or Downs

THEME: A powerful emphasis upon your Pluto Profile, though the appreciation of your influence and potential.

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