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Personal Outlook reading extract for Shakira

Shakira Personal Outlook Reading
Born:February 2, 1977, 10:08 AM Barranquilla (Colombia)

There is an easy flow of energy between your imagination and your personality.


This aspect denotes physical sensitivity. In addition, it may bring a softness or gentleness to the appearance. Furthermore, certain imaginativeness to the clothes you wear and the image you project. Indeed, people may see you as glamorous, alluring or even mysterious.

Your openness and sympathy make it easy for people to trust you

People often open up in your presence, expressing things they would normally hold back.


People often come to you when they need a shoulder to cry on – something you may or may not welcome, depending on the rest of your birth chart.

Art, fashion, beauty or spirituality may strongly influence your lifestyle, and you may be drawn to some form of a spiritual path or artistic expression – although whether you pursue this seriously and with commitment is another matter. Continues below:

Personal Outlook reading extract for Shakira continued:

In addition, Shakira needs a harmonious or beautiful environment in order to feel at peace.


Time spent quietly each day enables you to recharge your energies and recuperate from prolonged social contact or work.

Time spent quietly each day enables you to recharge your energies and recuperate from prolonged social contact or work.

Also, you are sensitive to your environment and quickly pick up the emotional atmosphere around you. Therefore, you find it easy sometimes to let things drift, so it is a good idea to make time out periodically to attend to practical problems and get them out of the way.

By Marcello Casal Jr/AgĂȘncia Brasil (AgĂȘncia Brasil) [CC BY 3.0 br (], via Wikimedia Commons