Lovers Compatibility Reading

Lovers Compatibility reading includes 9 separate personal reading.


Especially created and designed containing powerful information that helps you both make the most of your relationship.

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You pay half the price you normally pay for the 9 separate readings.


1 – Soul Mates – is this true love?

Soul Mates Reading shows you how to improve your relationship and achieve happiness together.


In addition, Soul Mates helps you recognize how you can improve your relationship. Find out how well you really get on together and your prospects for staying together. Enjoy yourselves much more as a couple when you know how well you suit each other and your genuine potential for happiness. Soul Mates 25 pages +

2 – Star Lovers- the secret of a better relationship

Star Lovers reading helps bring excitement to your relationship.


The compatibility between you is clearly defined and shows how well you get on.

How you feel about each other and make a success of being together. Star Lovers shows the benefit of being together, highlighting your personal needs in a loving sexual relationship as well as how each of you sees and experiences the other. Star Lovers reveals the specific connections between you, the ‘closeness’ of your love and the qualities you both seek in a lover. 40 pages +

3/4 – Intimate Lovers- your sexuality revealed *

Intimate Lovers reading for two details your love-making skills,.


Also, your rue erotic nature. In addition, you gain insights into your erotic nature providing an honest look at your sexuality, the way you behave towards your30 pages +

5/6 – Love-Life Forecast- is this the year for love? *

How you fall in love, stay in love and what you look for in a lover and ‘soul mate’.


It not only represents love and affection but also harmony, cooperation and the way you feel about and react towards other people. It reveals the kind of lover you are and how you express yourself when you are in love.80 pages +

7/8 – Relationship Success- the way you behave towards a lover *

Relationship Success reading for two helps the two of you gain a better understanding your qualities as partners.


In addition, your true potential for friendship and love.

All two people need to know and understand about attracting a lover and keeping them involved in the relationship. The way you communicate your forcefulness and sex-drive as well as understand and manage your partner. Also, how you stay in love and remain interested in one special person.30 pages +

9 – Relationship Reality- what it is you create when you get together.

Relationship Reality reading helps you gain a better understanding of each other.


What you create together. No longer two distinct individuals, as a couple you accommodate the relationship itself by both undergoing changes.
25 pages +

* = one reading for each person

Improve your relationship with a Lovers Compatibility reading

200 pages + Lovers Compatibility reading delivered instantly on-screen & emailed.

Lovers Compatibility reading extracts for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Lovers Compatibility ReadingPrince Harrye Lovers Compatibility Reading
Meghan MarkleBorn: August 4, 1981, 4:46 AM Los Angeles (CA) (USA)

Prince Harry Born: September 15, 1984, 4:20 PM Paddington, London (UK)

Star Lover reading extract for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the bond between you

A Star Lovers reading highlights the will–power you possess.


Shows the main areas within the relationship you focus on and your ability to compromise and co-operate with one another.


First of all there is a certain magnetic attraction between Harry and Meghan.


In addition, sympathy, affection, companionship and devotion – all encourage mutual admiration and support. In addition, Harry and Meghan should find domestic harmony and co-operation simple to achieve. They feel at ease in each other’s company and can relax, communicating effortlessly, with one another. Harry and Meghan are equally encouraging and co-operative and will share many interests, amusements and pleasures together.

By Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons