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Love Life Forecast reading helps with your experience of other’s and being more successful  at dating. Is this your year to find love?


How you fall in love, stay in love and what you look for in a lover and ‘soul mate’. It not only represents love and affection but also harmony, cooperation and the way you feel about and react towards other people. It reveals the kind of lover you are and how you express yourself when you are in love.

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Love Life Forecast reading extract for Scarlett Johansson

scarlet Johansson Love Life Forecast ReadingScarlet Johansson Born: November 22, 1984, 7:00 AM New York (NY) (USA)

Romance – how you act

Sun in Sagittarius

You revel in taking things as far as they will go.


You are generous and wish everyone to share in your happiness – often before you have enjoyed it yourself! A natural teacher and generous visionary, your concern for the future drives you into taking on every opportunity you meet. This can lead you into over-involvement in too many things. Therefore, you are over-stretched, depleted, even desperate. Eventually,yegain your strength by being and moving in the open air. Enjoy action for its own sake. Move and be free. In this way discover and re-discover your direction. Experience the exhilaration of pointing to goals in life that will achieve all you wish for. Then enjoy the sheer riding experience of making the journey.

What you think and say about love

Mercury in Sagittarius

You are a quick thinker and talker, with an open, optimistic mind.


are you over-sure of yourself, taking things at their face value? Without meaning any harm, you play with words and tend to be ironic, even sarcastic. Really you have little time for conversations or thinking things out. Certainly, the action is important. That is the way to learn from mistakes. But still take a little more thinking time, than you feel inclined to. It will make your direction clearer. Then you will discover your natural brilliance with far-reaching ideas.

More about a Love Life Forecast reading

How you express love


Your ‘love expression’ showing how you act, wonder and behave as well as the pleasant characteristics you possess as a lover. Your way of being, speaking and creating chances in your love-life.

Best days for love


When to make yourself available for that important date as well as any other romantic or social activity, showing the best days for love during the next 12 months.

How do we know


As the planet Venus moves through the Solar system, its position reflects how you change, grow and develop in your relationships and love life. At all times it is for you to make the best use of your most positive characteristics during the periods indicated. To be used as a helpful guide.