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Make the most of meaningful events and encounters and lessen the effects of any negative experiences. Life Stages alerts you to specific occurrences. Where you should best consolidate. Or, when to experiment. Otherwise, where to be cautious. When it’s down to you, or someone else. When to wait and when to act.

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Life Stages reading extract for Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio Life Stages Reading

February 27th, 2012 onwards to May 24th, 2018

Relationships, Others, Projected Self, Spouse, Adversaries

Uranus transits your natal 7th house

At certain times during this period, change or innovation, the disruptive or awakening.


Or, the unique, unusual, alternative or odd, find their way into matters concerning relationships. Also,  your partner if you have one, and your manner of relating itself. As relationships are often something which we get into for one reason when really it is another. This means that we must confront the truth of why we are together with someone – or why we are not.

This is because of security, perceived responsibility to others or romantic illusions are usually to the fore in relationships.

In addition, freedom of expression and how we truly feel, tend to get inhibited for the sake of peace and reliability. But now the desire to be yourself, to show your ‘other side’ comes surging forwards. If this urge is also repressed, then an external element, like a third party. Or alternatively, a major break in routine – could occur to ring the changes, provide that emotional wake-up call.

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The secret here is to be as open as possible with one another, without judging or giving in to childish insecurity fears.


The more possessive one person is, the more hotly the other will react now. A strong element amidst all this is the question as to how much you are friends with your partner, rather than just emotionally and physically involved as partners. The point here is that friends allow one another more latitude than lovers because there is an inherent respect for each other’s individuality – and it is individuality within the relationship that is the theme of this time.

And if you are not in a relationship – or even if you are

Someone can appear out of the blue now, someone you would not expect to attract or be attracted by.


Be careful not to reject the prospect because of this; you are, after all, exploring the other side of life and yourself now, which is a very important experience as it makes you more complete and interesting as a person and brings you closer to being the individual that you truly are.

What triggers action at specific times

Your self-Expression, emotions, and sensitivities as well as attraction, motivation, and progress.


Your limitations, individuality, compassion and powers of persuasion.

Awareness of potential development

our personality mask, material security, and intellectual ability as well as emotional security, enjoyment of life and responsibilities.


Your relationships and ability to deal with life and philosophical beliefs. Your personal status, social life, secret dreams.