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Life Planner reading and the Secrets of success

A Life Planner reading provides valuable guidance, about your love-life, money, and work.


Most importantly, when you will experience life changing events and how you benefit from these when they occur.

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Life Planner reading extract for Prince Harry

Life Planner Reading Prince Harry

Prince Harry Born: September 15, 1984, 4:20 PM Paddington, London (UK)

February 2018 to Jane 2018

Women act as the transforming agents in your life.


Consequently, with such strong powerful feelings, you can completely remake your home life. As well as, relationships and grow through these. In addition, you need to learn to experience your deepest feelings without fear and this will change your life.

You keenly feel your inner life and the transformations you are going through. As a result, on a feeling level, you are intense and powerful now. This can be very exciting and sexy for you.  You are in touch on a feeling level, and very much in control. Therefore, others sense this and respect you.  In addition, you will have an intense and productive relationship with your family. and women. Finally, your relationship with your partner takes on a new dynamic.”

 Life Planner reading and life changing events

Firstly, interpretations of the more long-term phases,.


Yjese help you understand the general theme of the period, as well as the practical and psychological implications. Also, advice about what best to do and NOT to do during this time.This is due to the slower moving outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

 Everyday activity

In addition, monthly interpretations, describe your personal thoughts, feelings, and desires.


Also, they feature the Sun and the faster moving inner personal planets. Especially relevant these include by date with duration Mercury, Venus, and Mars, which affect everyday activity.

By Staff Sgt. Andrew Lee ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia