Intimate Lovers Reading

Intimate Lovers reading details both your love-making skills, also your true erotic nature


. In addition, you gain insights into your erotic nature providing an honest look at your sexuality, the way you behave towards your lover, what you need from a partner and find most exciting and important about making love.

What making love means to you both

Be amazed at how much you can learn from this special report,


find out the following details: The way you ‘perform’ and react to your lover, including your thoughts and self-expression when making love.  Exactly what you value and need most from your lover. The driving force of your sexuality as well as your capacity and desire for lovemaking, plus the improvements you can both make.

Pleasure you give and receive from each other

Gain confidence in your ability to make your love-making a special experience; far beyond what you believed possible.


For maximum enjoyment from your sexual relationship share your Intimate Lover reports. Reveal the most exciting ways to satisfy one another.

Understand much more the sexuality you share

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Intimate Lovers reading extract for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Intimate Lovers reading for two Meghan Markle Intimate Lovers Reading for two Prince Harry

Prince Harry Born: September 15, 1984, 4:20 PM Paddington, London (UK)
Meghan Markle Born: August 4, 1981, 4:46 AM Los Angeles (CA) (SA)

Meghan Markle’sIntimate Lovers reading

What making love means to Meghan How she expresses herself as an individual.



Sun in Leo

Firstly, for you, sex and love are happy natural events. Also, pleasure is the key word, with the emphasis on what satisfies you most – that’s fun sex, tumbling and playful romps. In addition, you do not like to be tied down, preferring to run the show and be on top of the situation. You are warm-hearted and generous with your affections but can be boisterous and overbearing sometimes. Once attached you are very loyal, but sex and devotion do not necessarily go together. You love to be flattered and can easily be crushed by an insult.

Meghan’s  sense of self-identity


Sun in the 1st House


Consequently, you’re easily noticed in a crowd, possess charm and are open and direct in your approach to others, knowing exactly what you want. Furthermore, you are naturally compelling and capable of achieving satisfaction without any need of the refinements of seduction.


Sun Conjuncts Mercury


Others easily understand your feelings and motivations because your persuasive thinking has an inner drive. Sex is intellectual entertainment as well as a pleasurable experience for you.


Sun Semisextile Venus


In addition, Meghan is a charmer with a warm and steady desire that cannot be denied. Deep within you, there are strong motivational urges that demand satisfaction for yourself and others.

Vigorous – ‘Close One’

Sun Semisextile Mars


Full of energy that doesn’t wane, you’re physically robust and able to keep it up. You’re likely to give just enough and keep on going for as long as required.

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