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A personal Forecaster reading helps improve decision making.


In addition, identify important opportunities with your Forecaster reading for 3,6, or 12 months.

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Also, know the right time to handle any change

Whether relationship, job or home. See through deceptions and learn you can to say no in a positive way.


Meghan Markle Forecaster reading extract

Meghan Markle Forecaster Reading

September 19th, 2017 onwards to January 21st, 2018

“Dream Come True “

Now a gift is given to Meghan Markle : the gift is the fruition of a dream, something that you’ve wanted for a long time.

But you must make use of the gift, otherwise, it will pass you by.”

This time can be idyllic for you. You are now confident about acting on your ideas and visions, and you’ll find plenty of support. Now, you have got a positive emotional approach to life.”

“The chance to make your dreams happen is presented during this time.


You have the courage to act on the vague and often unrealistic fantasies you have had in your life, and by acting on them, you make them come real. This is, therefore, a constructive period for you in health, art, music, and social goals.”

”Your actions are idealistic and altruistic. This means what motivates you are ou are your higher ideals. For this reason, the larger community will be supportive, especially as you attempt to initiate new projects and ventures.”

This is also a healing period for you when you forget about old fights and resentments and resolve any relationship difficulties. You act in a kind and compassionate way, as competition is put aside and you attempt to achieve a spiritual goal.”

More about a personal Forecaster reading and how to benefit from the future

Precise dates help you face up to situations you have previously avoided and instead deal with challenging periods.


Recognize when it is necessary to slow down, take stock and identify the right time to decide.

How do we know?

Tracking the ‘movement’ of the planets through the Solar System.


Your Forecaster interprets the interplay between the planets – it reveals the circumstances that can lead to how you change, grow and develop. Use Forecaster only as a helpful guide.

By Genevieve derivative work: CennoxX (DSC_3441) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons