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With your own Career Potential Reading, you receive three detailed personal readings 1-Career Analysis 2-Personal Outlook 3-Life Stages.

Career Potential Reading Package

In addition, sthese first two  readings help you dicover a satisfying career path. 


A career that fits with the abilities you possess. The third reading Life Stages presents you with potential opportunities as and when they arise over the next 12 months.

1 Career Analysis reading – goals, objectives; attitude earning money and ambitions

Career Analysis reading is a helpful way to define your own personal goals.


Also, objectives and attitude towards a professional working life. Furthermore, your personal reading based on your date time and place of birth will outline the potential success you are able to achieve.

First, a Career Analysis covers the circumstances that shape your professional life. In addition, the priorities that drive your earning capacity. As well as the underlying ambition and financial skill that drives your career. Most of all, use this analysis as a helpful guide.

2 Personal Outlook reading – how you relate to people around you

A Personal Outlook reading shows how you relate to people.


Also, how you can achieve inspirational living. Personal Outlook is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your personal motivation, challenges, and strengths. We can either choose to live life, following well-worn paths, the easiest options. Alternatively, we can discover that we have, something unique and of value to contribute.

3 Life Stages reading – make the most of the events

A Life Stages Reading gives you heads up for the next 12 months outlining phases of change and progress.


Make the most of meaningful events and encounters and lessen the effects of any negative experiences. Life Stages alerts you to specific occurrences. Where you should best consolidate. Or, when to experiment. Otherwise, where to be cautious. When it’s down to you, or someone else. When to wait and when to act.

Discover all you need to know about your futre career potential

Delivered instantly on-screen and; emailed.k containing 45+ pages

Career Potential Reading – More about Life Stages – an extract for Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Career Potential Reading

Born: October 30, 1981, 12:00 PM (unknown) New York (NY) (USA)

Life Stages

January 25th, 2017 onwards to July 23rd, 2017

Birth, Beginnings, Self, Presentation, Persona, Identity, Character

Pluto transits your natal 1st house

For Ivanka Trump, at certain times during this period crises, deep transformations, fated occurrences, and intense experiences find their way into matters concerning your image, appearance and what constitutes your sense of presence in the world around you.


As this is characterized mainly by an intensification of what you see and feel to be happening, there can be a tendency, or even a compulsion, to control things because you suspect that things would overwhelm if you didn’t.

More Career Potential reading extract for Ivanka Trump

The trouble is that this sets up a reaction from the environment and other people that kind of proves your suspicions correct.


And so, a negative spiral can ensue. It is, therefore, better by far to see this as an intensification of your perception rather than what you perceive. You might then see that the world is very much what you are making it because of impressions received earlier on in your life, or at the time of birth itself – or even before that. Further reflection could also lead you to realize that it is, in fact, you yourself that attracted such experiences by the way you come across to people, and again, by the way,  you have historically been inclined to view what is happening to you.

More Career Potential reading extract for Ivanka Trump

Essentially this amounts to the empowering of your persona, but a great deal depends on what it is that you use that empowered persona for.


If you are using it to just get your own way and with little regard for others, then you would be attracting and building up animosity towards you. If on the other hand, you see your powerful aura to get closer to life and others in order to help, heal or entertain, then you will definitely be a presence to be sought out rather than avoided or abused.