Career Analysis Reading

Career Analysis reading is a helpful way to define your own personal goals.


Also, objectives and attitude towards a professional working life. Furthermore, your personal report based on your date time and place of birth will outline the potential success you are able to achieve.

First of all, a Career Analysis covers the circumstances that shape your professional life. In addition, the priorities that drive your earning capacity. As well as the underlying ambition and financial skill that drives your career. Most of all, use this analysis as a helpful guide.

Career Analysis reading extract for Bill Gates founder of Microsoft

Bll Gates Career Analysis Reading
Born: October 28, 1955, 10:00 PM Seattle (WA) (USA)

“Success or lack of it affects you emotionally, from early on Bill you have been ambitious.


You have a powerful craving to be at the top and publicly recognized, and will do almost anything to obtain that, ignoring other areas of your life. It’s especially important that your mother recognizes you, and that women appreciate you. You assume that you’re the best, and are rewarded as a result; criticism is hard for you to take.”

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More about your Career Analysis reading

Your Career Analysis will help you decide on your choice of career.


There are three categories: Profession, Business & Ambitions – Employment & Work Skills – Earning Capacity & Financial Skill.

Each category has four sections in which detail both the positive and negative qualities of your career prospects. As a result, he contradictions that appear indicate how multifaceted your career prospects are. This complexity points to your uniqueness.

Your career potential and the career advice offered are not set in stone. When the analysis is positive; you need to apply effort and direction. When the analysis points to difficulties; guidance, direction and setting up boundaries will be important for you.

This analysis is suitable for anybody age sixteen onwards. Mostly it shows you how you can achieve your career and professional ambitions. In addition, find the jobs you undertake and the financial benefits you receive in the process.

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