Virgo Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2022

While the Sun's return to your income sector on 23rd September is one thing that you can set your watch to, with the solar spotlight always shifting onto your income situation, matters and options at the same time each year, this is something that you already have a head start on. It was late last month that Mercury became the first planet to reach your income sector, beginning the first planetary activity on the income front for the year with his trademark smart head for money and a chance to get your head around your options. Normally here for 14 to 15 days and having returned four weeks ahead of the Sun and already here for six days by the time you move into the new month, Mercury should be long gone by the time the solar spotlight shifts onto your income situation, matters and options. Instead, a retrograde turn on 10th September will keep Mercury here just long enough to ensure there is no gap or drop off, with this smart and intellectually savvy planet leaving less than 12 hours after the Sun's return on 23rd September. This will ensure there is continuity while after 13 days in retrograde motion will leave you with a smart head for money, 20/20 hindsight but with a chance to look to the future. Mercury will be gone by the time the Moon not only moves through from 26th September to 28th September but to create a New Moon here just hours after returning. This will also ensure your nose for money is sharp when Venus, the planet of money returns on 29th September to begin what can be the most lucrative weeks of any year. With Mercury returning next month, Mars in his first full month in your career sector and with support from Saturn in your work sector, this is not only a game changing month on the income front but the start of some game changing months across the income, work and career fronts. At the same that things are only just now opening up on the income side of the financial fence, the planets on the other side of the fence are likely to welcome the competition and especially Jupiter, with the planet of luck and expansion now in his last full month in your financial sector. There will be clashes and there might be some financial tension from time to time, but the conditions are so good on both sides of the financial fence that it won't take much to turn this into motivation.

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More about your Virgo monthly money horoscope and finances

With your Virgo monthly money horoscope, you nfigure that some peoplemake money more important than it is, but fools think it’s unimportant. As you see it, money is essential, but it doesn’t determine your personal worth. Your goal is to have what you need to live life properly.

Yes, you worry—it’s kind of your hobby. When everything is not in order, you can’t relax. That certainly includes your finances. You need to know that you have at least enough, and really there should be extra for uncertain times. That’s why you rely on your Virgo monthly money horoscope. It gives you insight into what to expect financially.

Your Virgo monthly money horoscope helps you set financial goals

You work hard, and you hope always to do better. You like being fairly compensated for your time, particularly because you know how much effort you expend at any job. Other people rarely work as hard as you do, for you meet your own higher standards.

Being employed means earning a living, and although you never work for money alone, you want to be decently paid. If you make enough money, it gives you the freedom to devote as much time as necessary to getting a job right. You always balance quality with recompense. You refuse to skimp on either.

Manage your finances efficiently with your Virgo monthly money horoscope

Expenses come and go, and you always want to make good fiscal choices. You avoid buying a big-ticket item during a downturn in your finances. If you can repair something rather than replacing it, that is wise. And it’s better for the environment.

Now and then you’re willing to splurge, for quality is important to you. If you have extra cash, and the energy looks positive into the future, you allow yourself the treat or special purchase you’ve been delaying. You make wise choices and that way you worry less.