Sagittarius Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2023

While this is a fairly quiet month on both sides of the financial fence, you have everything you need in order to feel confident and especially when it comes to looking to the future with confidence. There has been no planetary activity in your financial sector, the side of the financial fence where it is more about your financial situation and money matters and especially when it comes to what you do with and how you manage the money you have, since the last planet left in August. However, the Moon will make two visits this month and that will be more than enough to stay on track. The Moon will move through from 2nd November to 4th November and in the early part of the month this will be a valuable chance to check in and get a read on money matters while leaving you with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled. The Moon will come full circle on 29th November and will end the month here, ensuring you are emotionally and intuitively engaged in the early and final days of the month. It is on the other side of the financial fence that the month gets off to a particularly good start and while Pluto is still barely moving as he enters his first full month in direct motion in your income sector, he has friends in high places. The month begins with an eclipsing Full Moon in your work sector late month having already energised things across the income, work and career fronts, getting the month off to a good start. However, it is starting the month with Venus, the planet of money still in your career sector and moving into a friendly aspect before she leaves on 8th November that will give things a further boost. However, with the Sun and Mercury both returning to your income sector next month, Pluto is happy to bide his time until then, making it important to look to the future but in a slow and steady way. It is the Moon's return to your income sector from 16th to 19th November, that because it can sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger could be the most lucrative days of the month.

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More about your Sagittarius monthly money horoscope and finances

You care so little about money that you may not even own a wallet. You refuse to be enslaved to the pursuit of wealth, for it’s against all your core beliefs. Unlike many more shallow people, you know what’s important. Your true values are not monetary but humanitarian.

Sometimes you must be practical, for you can’t live on friends’ couches your entire life. Your Sagittarius monthly money horoscope provides clear focus about your finances. You must spend your money to sustain your life, not exclusively on fun. You can’t shred those bills before you pay them.

Learn about your fiscal ebb and flow in your Sagittarius monthly money horoscope

Create positive cash flow, particularly if you’re a freelancer. Don’t earn money, and then stop to spend it on fun, unless you’re wealthy. If you receive more modest payments, take the time to consider how to manage your money.

You don’t live a glam life, and you don’t desire expensive things. You happily eat fast food and pizza, which can be cost effective, but iffy for your health, a different subject. Because you avoid rampant consumerism, you stretch your income quite far. It’s cheaper to live in a smaller place with less costly furnishings and fewer clothes.

Your Sagittarius monthly money horoscope predicts good times

During a positive financial period, you enjoy life. You’re happy to pick up a check for friends, particularly if they often do that for you. You attend events that appeal to you such as concerts, and you splurge on pleasure. It feels like life the way it should be.

But remember to save some money for a downturn. Money flows irregularly, and if you have a nest egg, you have security. You don’t worry as much as many people, but it’s still wise to establish good fiscal habits. Don’t overspend on credit, for that plastic isn’t a gift but an obligation. Good financial habits promote happiness—and reduce mental strain.